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Learn the Hebrew alphabet easily

Learn the Hebrew alphabet easily

Do you want to learn the Hebrew Alphabet ?
You’ve come to the right place ! This channel will show you videos easy to
follow and memorize. In this course, we will discover 3 different
kind of letters. In phonetics, so you can read the name of
the letter. In square letters, they are the most common
one. You can see theme everywhere. In books, in magazines, also on the Internet. And to complete, the cursive letters. They are used for writing. In fact, it’s a funny thing, Hebrew writing,
in general, use these letters. Now feel comfortable and just follow the video
in your rhythm. You can repeat the course as much as you need. After a few repetitions, you will definitely
remember it well. Are you ready? Let’s start ! Great ! You’ve done it !
If you arrived until here, it means that now, you know the Hebrew alphabet! So, I say to you “litraote” and see you
very soon on the channel.

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