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Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : Understand Letter Loops in Handwriting Analysis

Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : Understand Letter Loops in Handwriting Analysis

Hi, I am Carmen Lynne with Expert Village,
and now we are going to talk about loops. So what are loops, those are those things
that you do on letters like h, on y and g, and we are going to look at the size and shape
of the loop. So when we are talking about loops, we are talking about letters such as
h, where you see there is an upper loop or g, where there is a lower loop. Ok, now that
would be what I would call an average size of loop. Now if you have a loop which is very
rounded, that might be, like that , like that, you see how rounded it is, and that means
a person who is very open to other people’s ideas, what we call in hypnosis, suggestible.
Alright, or you can have a loop which is not at all rounded, or in fact missing even, it
might be like that, or like that, and that is a person who is a lot less suggestible,
less open to other people’s ideas, tends to have their own opinion on things, they tend
to be more analytical a bit more critical. Another type of loop, is a loop which is actually
pointed at the top, if I can do that, or at the bottom, pointed, now I didn’t do that
very well, but you can try and see what I mean there, anytime you have this point here,
that indicates a level of neurosis, that’s kind of like over thinking things. Ok, the
other thing to look at with loops, is are we having an emphasis on the left hand side,
or the right hand side, see what I mean of the letter, so anything which is on the left
hand side indicates, the past, and on the right hand side, indicates the future. So
this person here, if they had a loop like that, you might say they are very, they tend
to look back at the past a lot , and could be someone who is a little nostalgic, some
one like that, and this would be someone who is a bit more forward thinking, and they like
to think about things in the future.

52 Replies to “Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : Understand Letter Loops in Handwriting Analysis”

  • Jim Winter says:

    Very interesting & well presented. 🙂

  • john smith says:


  • Skye Dizzy says:

    dose the e count as aloop

  • jennie jeanjacques says:

    hmm to bad my "H" and "G" doesn't look like any of those so i guess am just classified lol.

  • scotsmanRS says:

    Well, according to this idiot, I must have multiple personalities, because I can think of at least four distinct handwriting styles I currently use (and many variations of them over the years) – a very quick one for taking notes in lectures, a very slow one for when, for whatever reason, I want my writing to look particularly nice, an average speed for writing things which others will read but I'm not concerned about its being ornate, and finally the really sloppy one for post-it notes.

  • diomedes39 says:

    @777solaris Astrology anyone?

  • N2CUA says:

    Wheres your video Lamnont??

  • HardyCowboy says:

    Oh, come on people – live and let live, the Universe will support you better if you do. What a hateful community this seem to be! She's giving this away for free, ya know? Peace and Blessings.

  • STRAlGHT x EDGE says:

    Expertvillage? This is amateurevillage. She makes it look like shit while its a whole study bout . Like you dont look at just 1 letter but at whole texts and analyse that.

  • karma bhutia says:

    u must be a bit louder than this!!


    Pseudoscience at it's BEST!! Where's James Randi when you need him?

  • Alex says:

    im too lazy to lift my pen up and write another word xD

  • Alex says:

    i wonder how simon cowell's handwriting like… god, im bord

  • thetruthisoutthere32 says:

    I call both shenanigans and bullshit on this pseudoscience. These "experts" should have picked up a textbook in college and learned something with actual value. I am sure glad the courts remain skeptical of graphology. According to Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579 (1993) this type of evidence fails as expert testimony. This case deeply impacted the ability of charlatans in every state to take the witness stand and distort a court's fact finding process.

  • HappyHeartChick says:

    @thetruthisoutthere32 I agree that it isn't an exact science, if it is a science at all, but it does offer some insight into people. They are not always accurate nor do they prove anything so it's good that legal courts do not accept them as legitimate evidence. I just think it's fun to imagine and speculate, but only for fun.

  • thetruthisoutthere32 says:

    @HappyHeartChick – The only possible thing that can be gleaned from handwriting analysis relates to motor functioning and brain degeneration everything else is complete and utter nonsense.

  • thetruthisoutthere32 says:

    @HappyHeartChick – As far as predicting behavior or analyzing personality goes reading tea leaves or phrenology is more accurate than graphology.

  • HappyHeartChick says:

    @thetruthisoutthere32 – I disagree. Handwriting is not a definitive method of determining a person's character/mood.etc, but I don't think that that it can be dismissed entirely. Just as a person's style of dressing says something about who they are, so does the way they write, the way they talk, the way they stand. We are who we are and it is made evident in what we do. No one should be convicted by how they write, certainly not, or I know of several people who should be in jail right now, lol.

  • Patchouli says:

    @HappyHeartChick I agree. Just as we change our style preferences throughout life, whether it be the clothing we choose to wear in adolescence vs. the clothing we wear when we are 60, our lives and choices change through the constant experiences we have. My handwriting and lettering has changed numerous times – how can someone analyze something like that? Maybe i just like to make my g's with bigger loops!

  • cristian1k* says:

    @eshb4u2 Why did you bother to watch them? You said "THIER videoS," meaning you've watched many. So, why did you? If they are "a waste of time."

  • EDWARD524 says:

    please some more examples of the hand writhing very interest it…

  • zarehara says:

    what about when you leave the loop open, for instance the loop for the g (almost as with this computer writing font) ?

  • 3dUber says:

    lol next you should do typewriting analysis lol

  • Sarvesh Parakh says:

    If the no-loop-at-all is there, then it has a sharp end. So could it be counted as a sharp end with loop, meaning to have a thinking attitude + non suggestive????

  • Gerald W. Williams says:

    I'm researching my grandfather who disappeared around 1917/18. Nothing is known of his history/genealogy. His signature is found on his marriage record and in a bible. In each instance he writes in cursive, but prints the "s" detached William in his last name. In the bible his signature is done in fancy script. Still the "s" is printed and detached, and in this case much taller than the "iam". I've often wondered what his reason was for this.

  • Racecarlock says:

    "Ok, sufficiently bored now"

    Looks at mass effect 2 gameplay footage

    Brain: "Holy shit, futuristic boxes! This is amazing."

    Yep, this video works as intended on me.

  • EpicBunty says:

    what if your loops keep changing?
    oh f me.

  • Nawras Khalil says:

    I don't have loops at all when I write, what does that say about me?

  • CHU SAY says:

    Darude – Sandstorm?

  • danielle zulu says:

    Someone please hold my mouth before I curse. This is annoying. Madam, your explanation on the meaning of the big loops is the direct opposite of the explanation give by Curt Baggett, a renowned graphologist who even worked for the CIA. Who is misleading the other here? Based on my other research, I think you are not accurate.

  • kahipur crc says:

    Very good information

  • Melanie Abuan says:

    madame, could you kindly check my handwritting for free,.

  • Honey Gaur says:

    the thing about nostalic or future….in 'h' how can you make left side loop and in 'g ' how can you make right side loop….its annoying me

  • Ciara.Chaya says:

    What if you have straight uppers and rounded lowers, or vice versa?

  • K. Ganesan Ganesan says:

    For nursery and primary student four shapes of letters are not necessary.

  • Sharmila Patwari says:

    does that means tht a curcive writing book with diffrernt font can change your personality???

  • K. Ganesan Ganesan says:

    In this digital age, there is no need For separate identity to hand writing. Issue already settled 50 years ago.

  • Sarab 900 says:

    Think you ?.

  • بيتو قيمر___ BETO GAMER says:


  • MyLifeHasSucked InAWaffleRobloxGameLolz says:



    be possible

  • Mohan Prasaada says:

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  • SweetTV PLAY says:

    Good movie ! we love your channel ! i like to learn from professionally

  • Luke Coupland says:

    Why use a biro not ink

  • Murad Ali says:

    Hi my name is umair shahzad and i want to know as much as i can from u about you have facebook or twitter account to follow you??

  • Gamina Wulfsdottir says:

    This is garbage, suitable only for impressing gullible people and attracting trolls in YouTube.

  • Shaurya Goenka says:

    Can you help me !

  • Angel Wisdom says:

    Love it
    Thank you so much

  • Julian Frederick says:

    My h’s don’t have loops they’re literally just lines

  • mspixiedust100 says:

    I learned that big loops on the bottom are when people want a lot of money or have a lot of money.

  • Shsh Hxhx says:

    الا من عراقي هنا

  • Dr.Arijit Ghosh says:

    Sound is very poor

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