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Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : How to Dissect a Disorderly Writing Style

Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : How to Dissect a Disorderly Writing Style

Hi I’m Carmen Lynne with Expert Village, and
we’re continuing to look at the form of handwriting. OK. And now here’s a writing which is someone
who maybe is a little confused. And again, I’m going to try and do it, but this is someone
who is kind of disorderly. As you can see, it’s kind of all over the place. There’s lots
of different types of form within it, indicates maybe a lack of balance. OK, so that’s what
we call irregular. Now there’s another type of form which we refer to as natural and simplified,
and this might be someone who tends to keep the letters separate, keeps the letters separate,
and as you can see, it’s just very simple. It’s a simplified type of writing. And that
again, is someone who, they’re not pretentious, they don’t have lots of flowery things, they’re
just a very natural, simple sort of person. OK, and now we have a form that we call artistic
or creative, and this is where they tend to kind of throw in little curly q’s, like if
they were saying, I am trying, they might go a little circle for the dot, as you can
see this g, which looks a bit like an eight, that’s a sign of artistic also. And they tend
to also do e’s like that. OK, so that’s the artistic form, and now kind of an extension
of that would be ornate, very ornate kind of person. And that’s someone who, they might
be a little affected, or they might be someone who really likes to show themselves as somewhat
more than they are. Someone with lots of flourishes. That kind of flourishy writing. I’m sure you
know someone who writes like that. And also lots of embellishments and stuff, and they
might also be putting lines under their writing. As you can see we have seven distinct forms
of writing and that’s probably the first thing you’ll going to be looking at when you’re
looking at someone’s writing is the overall form of it.

28 Replies to “Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : How to Dissect a Disorderly Writing Style”

  • Squid Eating Dough says:

    handwriting analysis is such a load

  • Chavezoid says:

    nahhh …in british english there's almost no difference between the words ARTISTIC (ah-tistic) and AUTISTIC (oh-tistic)… no good … it's like the PEN and PIN of the US southerners

  • Zelda Reben says:

    no plz

  • Zelda Reben says:

    i wanna be a gwaphologist when i gwow up plz!!!11

  • jamie Friel says:

    wtf this is a load of bull crap

  • Kreion says:

    @ chavezoid, considering english is created and changed primarily by the ummm ENGLISH there is no british english, just normal english

  • zumdidum says:

    these interpretations are awful!1! omg > : O

  • Chavezoid says:

    @ jessevb: WRONG! English was not even created by the "English". Half of the language comes from the FRENCH Normands. And about who changes it the most, well, it's the Americans. The list of Americanisms, especially in tech, beats out all other new entries by far. So there is no Normal (British) English, American English, Australian English, etc. They are ALL normal in their respective countries. You are SO wrong it's even funny.

  • Kreion says:

    well then it was adopted by the english and changed by the usa to make the spellings wrong. there are vatiations of the language but standard english or the queens english ect. is not called british english and never has been as britain includes scotland and wales which have changed the language and the only people who call it british english are ignorant americans.
    besides languages all have their bases from other languages but it is named after who refined the language not the base language.

  • Chavezoid says:

    Wrong again! The so called "British English", coded "en-GB" by the ISO, is a broad term. If you're right, then Oxford University, the Oxford University Press and Cambridge are all wrong, because they call it British English. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "the English language as spoken or written in the British Isles; especially the forms of English usual in Great Britain, as contrasted with those characteristic of the U.S.A. or other English-speaking countries." Don't argue!

  • Jeni Kaybee says:

    My handwriting dictates that I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper, have a burning desire to name an offspring Wally, tie my shoes together on bank holidays, and overuse anti-bacterial hand soap.

    "But seriously folks!…" – Joe Walsh…I believe penmanship is important…it's a dying art in these days of texting and computer keyboards. Teach your kids the personal touch of holding writing utensils correctly and the love letter writing has over sending an e-mail;keeps the post office&art store in biz too

  • Michael Hammon says:

    @BLackstarx2 i bet ur american

  • sngltrckrdr says:

    If she's able to write in seven distinct styles, does that mean she has multiple personality disorder? The fact that one person can produce seven different styles seems to invalidate the "science" of handwriting analysis.

  • brzydallo says:

    my handwriting changes depending on situation

  • Jasmine Walters says:

    hey I have artistic handwriting!!!

  • Julie Delpuech says:

    @yunapeach20 Me too xD

  • MegaNakku says:


  • Robert Greenawalt says:

    @iskate12 cool bro

  • S. Ferguson says:

    My mom's handwriting is a lot like the last and my handwriting is similar to the third but still has the weird "i". Neat!

  • Zahid Rahman says:

    I like the techniques behind handwriting, I must however disagree with the notion of personality through writing, one can produce many different forms of handwriting, ergo my initial statement, handwriting does not determine the character of a person, in my opinion.

  • Zahid Rahman says:

    no friend, WHAT we write shows who we are.

  • johnkevin1104 says:

    hey, i write my g like 8s too! and i write my e like an inverted 3 too sometimes

  • Gredor Covern says:

    identity crisis-,-

  • Xarre S. says:

    I have the ornate form…Well… I can't even understand my own handwriting… *facepalm*

  • whalewhalewhale says:

    at first i thought she was saying autistic. o.o

  • Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli says:

    I fall under irregular what does it tells me

  • Gauri Pradhan says:

    Artistic.. I thought I was the only one who writes 'g' like that..

  • Gourab Kar says:

    Can you dissect a doctor's hand writing? I knew they are very disorderly. :p

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