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Learn the ASL Alphabet: Common Mistakes + Problem Letters

Learn the ASL Alphabet: Common Mistakes + Problem Letters

We want to make sure you’re not making
these mistakes and you have the letters right as you learn the ASL alphabet.
Well, in this video I show you
the common problem letters
and mistakes and I show you how to easily fix them.
Coming up. [inaudible] Michelle here helping you to build,
strengthen and explode your ASL skills. On this channel I teach a new sign and
tell Pete you practice and share tips and tricks just like this video. So if you’re
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in the description box below, I have a free practice drills sheet that
will help you practice those letters that are giving you trouble so they
don’t give you trouble anymore. So grab that before you head out the first common mistake, holding letters sideways that
are not to be signed sideways. These are the loaders.
I see this mistake happened to the most. I’m going to run through all the mistakes
and then I’m going to show you how to fix them. O, c, D P K and h. Here is the correct way to sign it. The only two letters that go sideways
are g and H. Those are the only two, and make sure your h is facing the
correct direction and not this way. It’s here. Another common mistake I see is mixing
up letters are the most common sets of letters that get mixed up.
D and F get mixed up the most. This is d.
If you turn it sideways, it looks like a lower case d this is f. A great way to remember this is it has
three feathers, f four feathers, okay, three feathers. Another common set
of letters that get mixed up, r, s and t as is like, I’m going to sucker punch you
so you want to make a fist, like you’re actually going
to punch somebody. Now, I don’t know if this is
the proper technique, but this is what I use because I
punched people daily. Just kidding. I don’t t your thumb as a crossing
your fingers just resting on it. I think of this as when you’re playing
that game with little kids and you go, oh, I got your nose. You know that you
remember that there is your team. Remember when you’re doing your tea, you don’t bring your thumb or finger
all the way down. It’s right here. Just right there.
Rusting real lightly. Your thumb is just tucked under and your
index fingers just resting right there on your fingernail. T’s
not down. It’s here. T so s t.
So I’m going to punch you. I’m going to sucker punch you t
I’m going to grab your notes. Uh, that sounds weird. And the next two
letters that get mixed up quite often, our r Q and p Q is g turn down
and P is Kay pointed down. So if you think about it,
if you ha you can see it sideways. This kind of looks like a Pete kind of,
but you’re going to go, well that looks like a Q and
a. That looks like a pea. Also, don’t get caught up on that. So don’t look at the shape of it as a
way to remember it. Just memorize it. Q and p often get mixed up,
but this is Q and this is p. P is k down.
Okay. And you sit down to be common mistake I see is
going the wrong direction. Now this particularly pertains to j and Z. I’ll see Jay like uh, this going out and it’s in.
If you’re lefthanded, your day is still going to go in.
You don’t go out, you don’t make it look like
a j so it’s not out. It’s in. You want to go in,
you bringing it into your body and no, you can also sign Jay like this,
Jay, you can draw it like
this or you can go here. This is particularly good
if you have wrist injuries. Just draw a little j like that andZ , make sure you’re drawing a z in the
air. Now, if you’re a left handed, Jersey’s going to be backwards. Okay, so, but you’re starting from in going out like this won’t bump. Boom. The
last mistake I see is just playing, getting your letters wrong,
not signing them correctly. Here are the most common letters
that are done incorrectly. Gi, remember Gi is here. It’s like you’re
going to pinch somebody. Boom, boom, boom. Okay.
Just like this. G You can also see g like this where
your palms facing forward and your little fingers are going to pinch them
right there. But the bench, um, this is great for serving
your risks. Health. Nick’s
letter is, I see wrong. R M, a, n. N. People will
sign it like this. M and, and please don’t put your fingers down, rest them on your phone
and now you’re like, I’ve seen it in the pictures and the
little drawings are hands are down. They, that is correct. I are down. Mainly why they’re doing that is to
show you what your fingers look like, how many fingers are making that shape.
But here it’s M it’s, I’ve got my thumb across
and I’m arresting them on there. It’s almost horizontal. I
mean, you can do it horizontal, but I’ve got it resting just a little
bit so it slightly curved down. You can have it straight up or
you can have it curved down. Now if you want to be, um, a
faster signer, smoother signer, it’s good to just lightly rest.
It just slightly rested fit. If I walked by you and you’re signing him,
I want to be able to go like this. It lifts up your thing fingers. It’s
just rusting real lightly in as the same. It’s not down here.
It’s resting right there on your thumb. So you might need to bring your thumb
out a little more away from your hand so you can rest it so it’s not tucked
him here. Cramping, heaven it out. Rest those fingers right there
on top of that fingernail in. The next one is [inaudible]. Don’t do
the screaming. He do it right here. Now if you’re in my practice group,
I’ve talked about this. If you have medical reasons to do your
ie like this, do you eat like this? Otherwise get it down here on your
thumb. Now people will say, oh, but this is still an EA,
and technically you’re right. People will see this
and go, oh, it’s an ea, but what if I’m finger spelling
something really rapidly? This can also look like a c.
Bring it down here. Also, this is going to preserve
your finger. Help here. I’ve got to do this sign. I’ve got to
pull these in tight. That hurts my pinkie. If I’m signing, like if I’m finger spelling like 50 words
or if I’m interpreting for four hours or an entire school day,
um, I’m gonna get injuries really quickly
and you could too. Even if you’re like, when I’m not interpreting for
eight hours a day, then you, but you can still get injuries. They might just take a little longer
to get there, preserve your help, bring it down here. Another reason
to do this is you can be faster. This way you can be smoother.
This way it’s easier to go e. N, then e. N it’s a smaller movement. Okay. That’s just one example of two
letters, but it’s much faster this way. Another letter I see done in correctly
all the time and it hurts is Kay, I see it so many times like
this where it’s like I, I’m sorry if you’re English,
I might be flipping you off right now, but it’s the K and they’ve got the
thumb in the middle. I can’t even, oh, it hurts my hand at even try to do that.
I don’t know how you guys do that. Uh, but it’s,
this is how you make a v. Now take your middle
finger and push it forward. So your index fingers pointing at the
ceiling and my middle finger is pointing at a 45 degree angle towards the ceiling,
the corner of the ceiling ahead of me. And then I’m gonna rest my thumb
right here on the knuckle. Kay, not k, k middle finger forward.
So, so here from the side, here is the V and I’m going to push my
middle finger forward and I’m resting my thumb right there in the junction.
So it looks like a capital letter. K right here. I mean, you could imagine
the thumb coming out right here, but it’s like this. Do that. And remember, there’s no judgment here causing you
trouble or maybe you’ll learn them wrong. It’s fine.
I still love you. You’re the best you can do it. So make sure that you’re fixing
it now and not going well. I don’t want to do that right now. I think
this is fine the way it is right now. Fix it now so you’re not
having to backtrack and fix
it later cause you’ll have to fix it later eventually. I remember I have the practice drill
sheet down in the description box for you or over here. Be sure and
grab that. If you have, if any of these letters give you trouble.
Okay. And so this question for
me in the comments below, what’s letter gives you the most trouble
even if it wasn’t featured in this video, which has a lot letter
that gives you the most trouble, are the best conversations happen after
the video with the ASL resell community because y’all are awesome. So be sure and go down there and you can
get some tips and some extra help down in the comments below.
Thank you so much for watching. You are amazing and I really do mean that
you’re awesome. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe it so I can
make more videos just like it for you. And if you haven’t already grabbed it, be sure to grab the drill sheet that’s
down in the description box so that you can practice those trouble letters
that are giving you a hard time. And I also have other words in there
that feature the letters that weren’t featured in this video and practice
all 26 letters because I love you. Thank you again for watching. This is Asl Rochelle helping you to be
assigning Ninja that you’ve always wanted to be. I’ll see you next time. Bye Video. You want to make sure that you are not
[inaudible] want to make sure you’re not making the music. Okay. I can. Oh reached for my hand. Oh, at minds me of titanic. I’ll never let go and
he’s dead in the water. Okay. This is Ausl Rochelle helping to be the
ASL Ninja that you’ve always dreamed of being.
I’ll see you next time. Oh Gosh.
So treasurer.

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