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Learn The Alphabet – Word Family “ug”

(logo tinkling) – [Narrator] Turn and Learn ABCs. Word families. U-G, ug. Let’s get started. (mechanical whirring) I see something rounded. (mechanical whirring) Hmm, I wonder what this is. (mechanical whirring) Do you know that this is? (mechanical whirring) Oh, that looks like a handle! (mechanical whirring) It’s a type of cup. (mechanical whirring) – [Children] Mug. (mechanical whirring) – [Narrator] M-U-G, mug. (mechanical whirring) (upbeat music) Let’s try again. (mechanical whirring) (children yelling) I don’t see anything yet. (mechanical whirring) (children yelling) Nothing there either. (mechanical whirring) Oh, are those stars? (mechanical whirring) It looks like an oval, now I know. (mechanical whirring) – [Children] Rug. (mechanical whirring) – [Narrator] R-U-G, rug. (mechanical whirring) (children chattering) One more. (mechanical whirring) (children yelling) Nothing yet. (mechanical whirring) Could that be someone’s hair? (mechanical whirring) Hmm. (mechanical whirring) (children yelling) This one is tricky. (mechanical whirring) Oh, it looks like there are two people. I know! (mechanical whirring) – [Children] Hug. (mechanical whirring) – [Narrator] H-U-G, hug. (mechanical whirring) (children laughing) Can you remember all the
words that we discovered in the ug word family? Mug, rug, and hug. You did great. Bye for now!

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