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Learn the Alphabet with Puppy Park | ABC Video

Learn the Alphabet with Puppy Park | ABC Video

Welcome to Puppy Park.
It’s alphabet day here at the Park. The pups are learning some new wordswould you
like to join in? A for Apples B for Balloons C for Climbling D for Ducks E for Eggs F for Football G for Gates H for Hats I for Ice cream J for Juggling K for Kites L for Litter bin M for
Map N for Net O
for Orange Juice P for Pond Q for queue R for Roundabout S for See-saw T for Tyres U
for Umbrellas V for Van W for Worm X for X marks the spot, to show you where
you are on the map Y for Yoyo Z for Zip wire We hope you’ve enjoyed your time at Puppy
Park and learnt some new words. When you’re out and about why don’t you
see if you can use the alphabet to help you spot new things. Why not Try playing Eye Spy. GoodBye

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