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Learn the Alphabet with Lizzy the Dog | ABC Video for Kids Part 6

Learn the Alphabet with Lizzy the Dog | ABC Video for Kids Part 6

Hey Brainiacs, it’s time to learn more of
the alphabet with Lizzy! Now we’re going to learn about the
letters V, W, X, Y and Z! Hey, where’s the Z? There it is! Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Our first letter for today is the letter V
and it looks like this This is a capital V This, is a lower case V The letter V sounds like “vvv, vvv” like the
word volcano Woah, cool, look at that volcano! Another word that starts with V is valley A valley is a flat area at the bottom of mountains or hills We took this photo of a valley when we climbed
to the top of a mountain in New Zealand Next up is the letter W and it looks like this The letter W sounds like “wuh, wuh”, like the word Web Hey, what does Spiderman do? He shoots webs to stop the bad guys! When Lizzy gets thirsty, she likes a nice
cool glass of water The word water also starts with W! “Vuh, vuh,” V for volcano “Wuh, wuh,” W for web Next, we have the letter X and it looks like this X sounds like “KSS, or ZZZ” One word that starts with X is x-ray Let’s use our x-ray machine to see what’s
inside this box Hey, it’s a xylophone Xylophone also starts with the letter X Let’s see if we can play something on the
xylophone The next letter of the alphabet is the letter
Y and it looks like this The letter Y sounds like “yuh, yuh” The word yo-yo has two Ys Yo-yos are a lot of fun, but it takes a lot
of practice to get it right This yo-yo is the colour yellow, and yellow
also starts with the letter Y “KSS or ZZZ,” X for xylophone “Yuh, yuh,” Y for yo-yo The last letter of the alphabet is the letter
“zee”, which is also called “zed” The letter zee sounds like ZZZ, ZZZ One of my favourite places to visit is the
zoo, and zoo starts with zee Our friends Blippi and Nicky Notes made a
fun song about the zoo. Let’s check it out! ♫ Blippi! So much to learn about. It’ll
make you wanna shout…♫ ♫ Blippi! ♫ ♫ I’m going to the zoo ♫ ♫ Would you like to come too? ♫ ♫ So many animals to see. From the land,
the sky and the sea ♫ ♫ The zoo is the place to be ♫ That was fun! Great song Blippi! Did you see something else in that video that
starts with Z? Here it is! It’s a zebra! Look, Lizzy, here comes a friendly zebra now! You can tell he’s a zebra because of his black
and white striped coat Alright! We finished the whole alphabet from
A to Zee! Great job! I hope you enjoyed learning the alphabet with us If you’re visiting us for the first time, I hope you’ll subscribe by clicking on the red button That way, you can find out when our next video
comes out And if you want to watch more, you can click
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