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Learn the Alphabet with Blippi Toys | School Bus Song

Learn the Alphabet with Blippi Toys | School Bus Song

Blippi A school bus! I love schools buses! No more. Wow. What are these?
Look at these, wow! Every single one of them
has a letter or a number on them. Wow! Do you know your
letters and numbers? Well, say them at loud
if you know them. Ok? Are you ready? Ok, here we go. You know this one. Yeah, the letter A. E. Oh, oh, E. Z. Z. L. Good job. Do you know this one? Yeah, J. W. Oh, a number. Do you know
what number this is? Yeah, let’s count to it together. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five!
Yeah, this is the number 5! Six. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Six! X. F. Y. D. T. 3. N, G, I, P, 2, R, B, U, H, I, 8, V, C, O, S, 7, M, 9, K, 4, Q, Q! I stopped when the
stop sign came out. Try it with me! Stop. Let’s do it again. Stop! Stop! Ok, now I want you to dance
until I put out this stop sign. Are you ready? Stop! The school bus is so much fun! Wow! Open! So many letters and numbers! If you want to see me, Blippi,
play with more toys like this awesome radical school bus,
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with toys. See you. Bye!

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