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Learn the alphabet | Letter I | How to write | Modern Cursive | Pevan and Sarah

hi there Cubs are you ready to get your
finger out we’re going to try writing the letter ‘I’ now a capital ‘I’ is just a
straight line start at the top go straight down easy as that that’s a
capital ‘I’ now for a lowercase ‘i’ it’s a little stick with a tick and a dot let’s
try it together did you draw a lowercase ‘i’? well done now an ‘i’ can make an ‘i’ sound like i…i…
igloo or like i…i…insect it can also make an ‘i’ sound like at the beginning of the
word ice cream and all these words start with the letter ‘I’
okay Cubs get your finger out and let’s try a capital ‘I’ let’s try another one now let’s try a lowercase ‘I’ and one more well done. Bye finger! Finger says: See ya!

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