September 15, 2019 0

Learn the alphabet | Letter B | How to write | Modern Cursive | Pevan and Sarah

Hi Cubs are you ready to get your finger
out? We’re going to try writing the letter B a capital B has a straight line
down with two bumps let’s try it together did you try a capital B well done get
your finger out and we’ll try it a lowercase B follow me
straight down scoop up and tick well done that’s a lowercase B now B makes a ‘b’
sound like the word b…b… banana it also starts the word b…b… boat you
can hear a b…b… sound at the beginning of bat and all these words
start with the letter B okay Cubs get your finger out and let’s
try a capital B let’s try another one now let’s try a lowercase B and one more brilliant! thanks finger. Finger says: See ya!

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