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Learn the Alphabet, Colors, Shapes & Numbers | Learning Train Cartoons for Kids

Learn the Alphabet, Colors, Shapes & Numbers | Learning Train Cartoons for Kids

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs! We’ve got 4 super cool trains that will help
us learn about our alphabet, shapes, colours and numbers! Let’s check them out, starting with the Alphabet Train! Hey kids, hey Lizzy
[Bark, bark] Look! Here comes the alphabet train! Look at all of the letters it can carry! It can even carry the upper case AND lower
case of each letter Let’s learn them all as they go by! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Wasn’t that fun, Lizzy? …Lizzy? Lizzy, where are you? [Train horn sounds] Shapes Train! Hey Brainiacs, welcome to Shapes Island! Today we’re going to learn about shapes and
how to find them all around you Hey look, here comes Lizzy in the Shapes Train to teach all about the different shapes! Hi Lizzy! [Train horn sounds] OK, are you ready to start? Let’s go! This is a circle! A circle is round so it doesn’t have any sides This is a square A square has four sides that are all the same Here is a triangle! A triangle has three sides This is called a rectangle A rectangle has four sides like a square, but two sizes are longer than the others This shape is an octagon Octagons have eight sides Next up is an oval! An oval looks like a circle, but it’s stretched This shape is called a star! A star shape has five pointy arms And finally we have a heart! Heart is the symbol of love And we love learning about shapes Hey, now that we’ve learned about some shapes, let’s explore the beach and see if we can
find those shapes in some fun objects Can you spot a circle anywhere? I see one! That colourful swim tube is in
the shape of a circle! Let’s see if we can find a square Hmmm, maybe this sand castle? Aha! The sand castle is in the shape of a square! Can you see any triangles? I wonder where we could find a triangle? Oh, look! Over there at that sailboat! The sailboat’s sails are triangles Here’s one, two, three triangles! Why don’t we check out that little island
to see if we can find some more shapes? Hey, what are those things up in the tree? Oh, it’s a coconut! It looks like a stretched circle…what’s
that shape called again? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s an oval! Let’s see if we can find a rectangle somewhere Can you see any? There’s one! The beach towel is in the shape
of a rectangle! I wonder where we could find an octagon Aha! From above, this beach umbrella looks
like an octagon with eight sides! Cool! I think I saw something in the water earlier
that might be another shape Let’s try to find it There it is! It’s a starfish! And a starfish is in the shape of a five-pointed star! Now all we have to find is a heart Yeah, we found it! That little island is shaped
just like a heart! Now we’ve found all of the shapes we learned
about on the Shapes Train! You did great! You’re getting so smart! Thanks for watching Brainiacs, and see you
next time! Color Train! Hey Brainiacs! Welcome to Colortown! Colortown is famous for all of its colorful houses! Hey, do you want to learn about some colors
with me and Lizzy?! [Kids cheer] Look, here comes Lizzy in the color train and it’s carrying come cool stuff to help us learn! Hi Lizzy! [Train horn sounds] OK, let’s go see what we have on the train! It’s a red fire truck! The fire truck is red. Red! Here is an orange backhoe The backhoe is orange. Orange! Yellow This is a yellow school bus When you’re ready to go to school, maybe you’ll
get to ride on a yellow school bus like this! The school bus is yellow! Pink! Woah, that’s a big pink birthday cake! The birthday cake is pink Green! Can you count how many green trees we have? The trees are green Check out that blue hot air balloon The hot air balloon is blue, like the sky! Blue Purple This airplane is the color purple Wouldn’t it be fun to fly up and away in this
purple airplane? Alright! We’ve learned a whole bunch of colours.
Let’s see how many you can remember! What colour is the fire truck? That’s right! The fire truck is red! What colour is the hot air balloon? It’s the same colour as the sky Yes, it’s the colour blue! Do you remember what colour the trees are? Right on, the trees are green! What colour is this school bus? Good job! The school bus is yellow! What colour was that backhoe again?… Oh yeah, the backhoe is orange There’s the yummy birthday cake Can you guess what colour it is? Perfect, the cake is pink! Now where’s that airplane? Here it comes! And what colour is the airplane? The airplane is purple…right on! Thanks for learning colors with us! I hope you had a lot of fun! Number Train! Hey Brainiacs, check it out… Here comes the numbers train! Let’s read the numbers and see if we can count
the all of the objects on the train! One One sailboat Two One, two sports cars Three! One, two, three tractors Four One, two, three, four bicycles Five One, two, three, four, five trophies Six One, two, three, four, five, six butterflies Seven One, two, three, four, five, six, seven soccer balls Eight One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight balloons Nine One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine hamburgers Ten One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten rockets Great job! Now let’s count up to twenty! Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Now let’s count by tens Thirty Fourty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety One hundred! Nice work, we did it! Great job! Wow, that was so much fun! OK Lizzy, let’s review the numbers by 10s Here’s 10 balls Hold on Lizzy, you have to wait until we finish
the lesson This is 20 Here’s 30 40 balls This is 50 60 70 Now we’re up to 80 90 100 balls! OK, Lizzy, go get ’em! Hey Brainiacs, if you like this video,
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