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Learn Russian Language How to Pronounce Russian Alphabet

Learn Russian Language How to Pronounce Russian Alphabet

Hi there! My name is Ari and welcome to
my channel Ari TV. Today I am going to teach everyone the Russian alphabet. Many
people were asking me how should they learn Russian language? What should they
start from? So I decided to make this video in order to help everyone to
understand more about the Russian learning and to understand more about
the Russian alphabet. This video is the first video in Russian learning series.
And today you will learn thirty-three letters of Russian alphabet and how to
pronounce them correctly. If you have any questions, please leave them in the
comments below and I will answer them at once and right now let’s begin!
So right now we will begin with reading and learning the alphabet. By the way,
Russian language uses Cyrillic alphabet, Cyrillic script, but English language uses
Latin. So those two are different, but in Russian language there are some
letters that are little bit similar to English alphabet letters and later I
will show you which ones. And let’s start with the first letter. The first letter
is [a] [a]. So this one we will write the same as in the English alphabet Aa, but
the pronunciation is different [a] [a]. The next letter, the next letter is a
consonant and that is [бэ] [бэ]. Very strong, very loud sound [бэ]. The third
one, and here you should be careful, because this letter is pretty similar to
English letter Bb, but it’s not. The pronunciation here is [вэ] [вэ].
It’s also the consonant. And let’s check the next one, the next letter is [гэ] [гэ].
It’s very easy to write this letter, just only two lines in here [гэ].
One more letter and that is also a consonant [дэ] [дэ] [дэ] and then goes the
vowel [е] [е]. It’s like singing a song. [е]
Very long, very beautiful sound. And the other letter is pretty interesting.
This letter is very similar to [е], but at the upper part we can see two points
in here and this letter is [ё] [ё]. Yes, it’s totally different, it’s a new letter [ё][ё].
The other one, [же] [же]. Yeah It’s such sound like in the word ‘garage’ , like ‘g’- [же]. And
three lines in here. It’s also not so difficult to write, I think. [же]
Next letter is a consonant and the writing is very funny, because it’s similar to the
number ‘three’. This is a letter [зэ] [зэ] [зэ], like in the word ‘zoo’- ‘z’ it’s pretty similar.
The other one, the other one is a vowel [и] [и]. Very long, very beautiful sound [и]. And here
you need to be careful again, because the next letter is very similar to the
previous one. But you can notice that in upper part we have something that
reminds us ‘smile’. I think it’s kind of smile or kind of a check.
Maybe it’s close to ‘smile’, because it’s more soft. And this is the other letter. Here
was a long sound [и], and here is the letter [и краткое] [и краткое].
This is the name of this letter, and the meaning is: ‘и’ is this sound, but ‘краткое’ it means short. So
it means that this letter is short ‘и’ sound. The other letter is the letter [ка] [ка]
[ка]. It’s again similar with English writing [ка]. Very easy. And the other one.
Let’s check, there are three letters [эл] [эм] [эн]. They are all very strong sounds and very
loud [эл] [эл] [эм] [эм] [эн] [эн]. You should notice here that actually this is different
letter, it’s not Hh as in English. This is [эн] [эн] Different letter. The other letter is very
simple, because this is just a vowel [о] [о] [о]. Yeah, very easy to write, very
easy to pronounce. And the other letter, the other letter is [пэ] [пэ]. There are
three lines that helps us to make this letter, to create it [пэ] [пэ]. But the next one
is not Pp, because we just had a letter [пэ], the next one is the most difficult
sound in Russian language and a lot of children in Russia, they are very
difficult to learn how to pronounce this sound properly. This is the letter
[эр] [эр]. So this is not Pp, and this letter is different, different with English
pronunciation. In English, I think, the letter is very soft, pronunciation is more
soft. It’s like ‘r’ sound, but our is very strong.
It’s like [эр] [эр]. Very strong and loud. And next letter is [эс] [эс] [эс]. It’s pretty
similar to English alphabet, it’s like English letter Cc and the writing is the
same, very easy to remember. But the pronunciation of the name of this letter
is [эс] [эс]. It’s a consonant. And the next letter is also pretty simple. This is
[тэ] [тэ]. It has two lines. This line should be in the middle. This one, the longer line.
So this is [тэ]. And next letter is not Yy. So should be careful about this part.
This is [у] [у] [у]. This is a vowel, long sound [у]. It has two lines. And what is a strange letter in here?
Yeah, this is kind of new letter, I mean, you have an interesting feeling
about this. This is the letter [эф] [эф], and it has two
parts – kind of a part of a round and they are the same size. Both two
parts are the same size [эф] [эф] [эф]. The next letter, and this is not Xx. This
is letter [ха] [ха] [ха]. It has two lines that crossed in the middle [ха].
The next letter is [цэ] [цэ] [цэ]. It has a small part at the downside, so you will
write it like this [цэ]. The other letter looks like number ‘four’, but here’s
more round. This is letter [че] [че] [че].
It’s like Ch in English [че]. The other one, this has the sound
[ша] [ша] [ша]. Very strong sound [ша]. It’s like Sh, a little bit similar [ша]. These two
letters, should be careful about them, because actually they are pretty similar
to each other. Just here, we can see it again, the small part at the downside.
This letter sounds softer than this one. This is letter [ща] [ща] [ща]. Before
it was [ша] [ша], stronger, and right now it’s [ща] [ща]. Softer. Next letter only has a
small variant. This is [твёрдый знак]. ‘твёрдый’ means
‘hard’ and ‘знак’ means ‘sign’. So this is a ‘hard sign’. This letter you will not see
in the beginning of the Russian words. It only could be seen in the middle of the
word, and it will stand between the consonant and the vowel. It
will separate them, and it will make the consonant in front of this letter sound
harder, so that’s why this is a ‘hard sign’ or [твёрдый знак]. And the next letter is
a vowel [ы] [ы] [ы]. It has two parts: this part and just a line nearby [ы]. And the next letter looks
pretty similar to this one, right? But before it was a ‘hard sign’ or [твёрдый знак],
and right now this is a ‘soft sign’ or [мягкий знак]. ‘Soft’ means ‘мягкий’ and ‘sign’
means ‘знак’. So you also couldn’t see this letter in the beginning of the
Russian word and it will make the consonant in front of this letter sound
softer. So ‘твёрдый’ and ‘мягкий’ or hard and soft. And the other letter is a vowel [э] [э] [э].
Pretty easy to write. This is a half of the round and the line in the middle of
it [э]. The other letter, you can see inside it has [о] and here are two lines.
This is a letter [ю]. One more time [ю]. It’s like in English the pronoun ‘you’, right?
So.. very similar sound [ю] [ю]. And the last letter of the Russian alphabet
is [я] [я]. This letter also is a Russian pronoun that means ‘I’ [я], and
the last letter of the alphabet. [я]
So right now let’s practice to pronounce each letter three times. Follow me!
[а] [а] [а] [бэ] [бэ] [бэ]
[вэ] [вэ] [вэ] and the next one [гэ] [гэ] [гэ]
[дэ] [дэ] [дэ] [е] [е] [е]
The other one is [ё] [ё] [ё] [же] [же] [же] [зэ] [зэ] [зэ]
And a long sound [и] [и] [и] [и краткое] [и краткое] [и краткое]
[ка] [ка] [ка] [эл] [эл] [эл]
[эм] [эм] [эм] [эн] [эн] [эн]
And the next one is [о] [о] [о] [пэ] [пэ] [пэ]
[эр] [эр] [эр] [эс] [эс] [эс]
The other one [тэ] [тэ] [тэ] [у] [у] [у]
[эф] [эф] [эф] [ха] [ха] [ха]
[цэ] [цэ] [цэ] [че] [че] [че]
[ша] [ша] [ша] [ща] [ща] [ща]
[твёрдый знак] [твёрдый знак] [твёрдый знак] [ы] [ы] [ы]
[мягкий знак] [мягкий знак] [мягкий знак] [э] [э] [э]
[ю] [ю] [ю] [я] [я] [я] So that’s all for today’s lesson. Did you
understand how to pronounce the letters of Russian alphabet? If you have any
questions about it, please write it down in the comments below and I’ll try to
answer all of your questions. Maybe right now you are already studying Russian
language. And if you have any questions, any difficulties with your studies or
some parts of Russian language seem very complicated and difficult for you, please
let me know and I’ll try to help you with your studies. If you like my video,
please, subscribe my channel, give me Like and share my videos with your friends.
See you in my next videos! Bye-bye!

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