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Learn Russian Alphabet (Letters Ы, Р, Й +) | Russian Comprehensive

Learn Russian Alphabet (Letters Ы, Р, Й +)  | Russian Comprehensive

Hello! Today we’ll continue breaking down
some challenging Russian letters. Let’s start with the vowel “Ы”. The secret to
pronouncing it is, that the sound should come from the chest, or from the gut. If
you try to pronounce it with your throat, you will get the sound “И” instead. Many
people, when trying to pronounce “Ы”, would say [ уы ]. So, keep in mind that your lips should be in the same position (the position of a smile) for the both of
these sounds: И – Ы. There’s a lot of advice on the internet about how to
pronounce “Ы”, and one of them is to imagine yourself being punched in the stomach.
It can suit guys, I guess, but I’m not sure about girls…
So, my advice on pronouncing “Ы” is pretty much the same as that, given to those
who’s learning how to sing. You should open your throat: your uvula should go up,
and the root of your tongue should go down. The same thing happens naturally
when you’re yawning. Or, when you’re burping?.. Actually, you have to
pronounce “Э” the same way, too, with an open throat. Try to say: Мы, Ты, Вы. The sound should be deep, and come at least from your chest. So, when you’re
practicing at home, just imagine yourself yawning. You’ll get there! Another way to
do this, is to imagine how a cow talks. Try to do that: Мууу-Ы. Ы. Ы. So, pick any advise
that you like, and try it out! Another challenging sound is [р]. and the bottom line
is, that when you pronounce both [л] and [р], your tongue gets pretty much in the same position, only with [р] its vibrates: “ррррр”. For
many Russian kids it’s difficult to pronounce [р] as well, and they would
just say [л] instead. So, you just have to develop an appropriate muscle; the same,
as you do at a gym. Keep challenging yourself trying to say “рррррр” as often as
you can, and I promise, you will learn it! You just gotta work the muscle that you
haven’t been using. The next one is The Short I, which sounds as [й]. The easiest
way to understand it, is to compare it to the word “yoga” – [й]. It also resembles the
Spanish sound [ll], like in the words “llamar”, “lleno” – Й. And the last
one, is a short note on how to pronounce these letters. I suggest the tip of your
time touch your upper teeth. This way you will sound much more like a Russian.
Д – да-да-да; Т – та-та-та; Л – ла-ла-ла; Н – на-на-на. That’s it for today! I hope that you’ve had some fun, and had some of your questions answered!

3 Replies to “Learn Russian Alphabet (Letters Ы, Р, Й +) | Russian Comprehensive”

  • bielka mua says:

    Thanks so much! Очень полезное видео! и очень хорошо объяснил. Мои поздравления

  • saffis says:

    I loved the comparison with the punch in the stomach. Thanks a lot!

  • Russian Comprehensive says:

    0:07 – Ы (a deep sound coming at least from your chest, and your lips should be in a position of a smile)

    1:03 – How yawning will help you pronounce Ы
    1:42 – How cows will help you pronounce Ы

    1:58 – Р (your tongue touches the top gum ridge, vibrates)
    2:40 – Й

    The difference between И and Й is explained here:
    https://youtu.be/_8LeYD8Zjyw?t=91 (1:31)

    3:00 – Д, Т, Л, Н (the tip of your tongue should touch your upper teeth)


    Transcript to the video: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/russian-letters-ы-р-й-how-pronounce-them-olga-misuraghina/?published=t

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