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Learn Letter T | Turn & Learn ABCs | Alphabet Video

Learn Letter T | Turn & Learn ABCs | Alphabet Video

Turn & Learn ABCs T Let’s get started Hmm… Oh, those look like wheels That looks like a big engine. This must be some kind of vehicle Wow, that’s a big wheel! I think I know what this is There’s the rest of the engine Do you know what it is? Tractor! Tractor starts with the letter T Let’s play again What do you think that is? This is a tough one! Do you have any idea? There’s a face. This is some kind of animal Ah-ha! That’s a tail. I think I’ve seen these swimming in a pond before This is a tough one. Do you know what this is? Tadpole! Tadpole starts with the letter T Okay, let’s play one last time I see some wheels. This might be another vehicle Hmm…I’m not sure Okay, it’s all coming together now Ah-ha, windows! Two more to go What do you think it is? Train! Train starts with the letter T Can you remember all of the things we discovered that start with the letter T? Tractor Tadpole And train Excellent work! Bye for now

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