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Learn islam . This is what we will experience after death/ muslim united

Learn islam .  This is what we will experience after death/ muslim united

May God’s peace, mercy, and grace be with you. Dear viewers wherever you are How is the journey of a human spirit after death From Al-barrak bin Azib radhiyallahu ‘anhu He said, we had accompanied The body of the Ansar with the Messenger of Allah ‘alayhi wa sallam. Arriving at the cemetery And waiting for the grave to be repaired. Rasulullah Sit facing the Qibla. We also sat around him with Khusyu. As if in our heads there was a bird In the hands of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wa sallam there are branches, he stabbed into the ground Then he looked up at the sky Then he looked down He repeated three times Then he said ask Allah for protection from doom the grave, he repeat two or Three times, then he Pray, O Allah, I take refuge in you from the tomb of the grave Three times, then he told me The process of the journey of believers and infidels Truly, the servant who believes when he wants Leave the world and head to the hereafter Come down angel from the sky, white face His face is like the sun, they carry Shroud from heaven and hanuth, perfume From heaven, they sat around Mayit as far as the eye can see Then came the angel of death ‘alaihis sallam. He sat next to his head and said, oh good souls come out to forgiveness Allah and his pleasure, the spirit came out From the jazad, as the water drops come out From the mouth of the kettle, And immediately held the grim reaper The other angels did not leave even for a moment And they immediately took it from the grim reaper They gave him the shroud and hanuth Come out the spirit with a very fragrant smell like the most fragrant perfume That ever existed on earth These angels also went up carrying the spirit, every time Meeting other angels, they will ask Whose soul is this good? They answer Fulan bin fulan. With the best name ever He used it in the world until he arrived The sky of the world, they ask that the door of heaven be opened Then it opened right, they went up to The following sky and the follow Angel of the world sky until it reaches the seventh heaven Then Allah says, write a note of charity My servant is illiyin, do you know what illiyin is That? Namely the book that is written, witnessed by Angels Return my servants to earth, because from the earth I created them I returned them to earth And from the earth I raised them a second time Then the spirit is returned to its body Then the dead heard the sound of sandals The person who delivered his body when they returned home after pakaman Then came two angels who violently snapped In other narrations the color is black and blue then they bluffed And sit the deceased They ask who is your rab? The believer answered Rab my God, what is your religion? Asked angels, my religion is Islam answered the believer, who is the one sent in your midst? The believer answered Yes Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam The angel asked again How is your charity. Answer the believer I read the book of God I believe in him and justify him The angel question “who is your rab.” What is your religion. “who is your prophet. This is the last test a believer will receive Allah gives a determination for believers to answer it Like the word “Allah confirms the faith of those who believe” “With that firm word in life in the world” “And in the hereafter” (Qur’an. Ibrahim: 27) So that he can answer my rab Allah My religion is Islam, my prophet muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Suddenly there was a voice from above My servant is right, spread out for heaven Give heaven’s clothes Open the gates of heaven for him. He also gets the wind of heaven And the fragrance of heaven And the grave is extended as far as the eye can see Then came the person whose face was very nice The clothes are nice, the smell is nice He said “good news With something that pleases you Good news with Allah’s pleasure and heaven full of eternal pleasure This is the day you promised The deceased was surprised to ask May Allah also give you good news. Who are you? Your face brings goodness This nice-looking person replied, I’m your pious charity Subhan Allah… Good deeds who accompany us in loneliness, accompany us in the grave Then open it for the gates of heaven and the gates of hell When looking at hell. Delivered to him That is your place if you worship God And Allah has replaced you with that place Then the dead man turned toward heaven, saw the promise of heaven The deceased prayed, O my Rab Hurry up and come to an end, so I can meet back to my family and my treasure Then conveyed to him. “Calm down” While servants who are infidels When about to leave the world And towards the afterlife Come down the angels from the sky The cruel and harsh His face is black They brought in Uncomfortable cloth from hell They sat around the dead As far as the eye can see Then came the grim reaper And sat next to his head He called out O foul soul Come out to the wrath of God His spirit was frightened and scattered To all ends of his body Then the grim reaper pulled her As many branched jancu in pulling From wet wool So that it makes blood vessels break up And bone space, and directly held Angel of Death The other angels did not leave even a moment And they are straightforward Pick it up From the grim reaper Then give them the mess they brought This spirit came out with a smell Very rotten one Like its rotten the smell of carcasses That ever existed on earth They also went up carrying this spirit Every time they pass by an angel The angel asked Whose soul is this bad? They answered … Fulan bin Fulan With the worst name he has ever used when in the world Until they reached the sky of the world Then they asked to open it But not opened right At that time the Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam Read the word of God People who deny our verses And boast about it They will not open the doors of heaven And neither did they enter heaven Until the camel gets into the eye of the needle (Qur’an. Al-A’raf: 40) Then Allah said Write my servant’s charity notes on license On the most basic earth Then say Give back my servant To earth Because I have promised That from the earth I created them I returned them to earth And from the earth I raise them up For the second time Then the spirit Thrown to fall On the body Then the Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam Read the word of God Whoever associates something with God Then is He is as if Fall from the sky then snatched by a bird Or in the wind To the place Far away (Surat Al-Haj: 31) Then His soul was returned to his body So he heard the sound of people’s sandals accompany the body When leaving, leave the grave Then two angels came Snapping loudly They were bluffing the deceased And standing, they asked Who is your rab? The infidel answered Haahh .. hahhh .. I don’t know What is your religion? Asked the angel Hahh … hahhh I do not know The infidel answered Who is the person sent? in the middle of you guys The infidel has no power Mention his name Then he was bluffed His name is Muhammad the infidel can only say Haahh .. hahhh .. I do not know I just heard People say like that He was bluffed again You don’t know and don’t want to know Suddenly there was a voice from above My servant is lying spread for hell Open the gates of hell For her He also gets The heat is hell and poison is hell The grave is squeezed up to The bones are scattered Then came the person whose face was very bad Bad dress The smell is like a carcass He said bad news For you. This is the day Where were you promised? The heathen deceased answered Bad news for you too. Who are you? Your face wreaked The bad. This person answers I am your bad charity (Only Allah is the place to ask for help) Bad charity is increasingly stifling its perpetrators In the grave Then he was handed over To blind beings Deaf and mute He brought a stick Suppose it was hit on a mountain It will undoubtedly become dust Then the object was hit to the infidel deceased. And he becomes dust Then God returns to normal And him too Hit it again He shouted very loudly. Can be heard by all beings Except jinn and humans Then it’s opened for hell And prepare his place in hell He begged Yes Rab .. don’t stand up to the end of the world This hadith was reported by Ahmad 18543 Abu Daud 4753 Syuaib Al-arnauth stated Sanad is authentic Al-albani stated This hadith is a valid hadith Loyal viewers. Share this video To many people Order later Become charity Jariyyah That is useful thank you Watched This video please subscribe and activate the bell And see you in the next video Wish peace Favor And God’s grace be with you

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