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Learn How to WRITE in Russian – Is Cursive Necessary? (Cyrillic Alphabet) | Russian Comprehensive

Learn How to WRITE in Russian – Is Cursive Necessary? (Cyrillic Alphabet) | Russian Comprehensive

Hello! Today you’ll learn how to write
in Russian, so that any Russian speaker can understand what you’ve written.
And no it’s not in cursive. There is actually no need to learn it in the very beginning,
you can do it much later, and if you’re interested. We’ll be using block letters.
Right, this is the way kids learn writing. Some people continue writing this way,
because it looks clean. But what is more important, that you’ll be asked to use
block letters, when filling out any form in Russian, whether it’s at a bank
or at the airport. So again, if you are in any situation where you need to write
in Russian, this will be the way to communicate it clearly, so that any kid
or adult will understand it without any problem. While cursive writing styles can
obviously vary from person to person, and may be quite difficult to read.
I’ll also give you a link in the description, where you can find the file with my example
of Russian handwriting. Let’s start! How about you try and write down that
simple dialogue from our previous lesson, and then share your results?
I’m sure, you’ll do great!

6 Replies to “Learn How to WRITE in Russian – Is Cursive Necessary? (Cyrillic Alphabet) | Russian Comprehensive”

  • Ahmed T says:

    Good video but I am confused. So it means that there are four ways of writing an alphabet in Russian?
    Capital in block letters
    Small in block letters
    Capital in cursive letters &
    Small in cursive letters
    Am I right?

  • DIPAYAN DEY says:

    What is your name madam?

  • DIPAYAN DEY says:

    Where do you live in Russia?

  • Russian Comprehensive says:

    1:16 – Follow me and write all the letters of the Russian Alphabet

    👉 TRANSCRIPT to the video (+ a chart with Russian HANDWRITING, a Russian KEYBOARD picture for typing in Russian):

    👉 Here's a Touch typing tutor for learning how to type in Russian without looking at the keyboard:

  • Gilson Mattos says:

    I'm Brazilian and trying to learn Russian on my own. Your videos have helped me quite a lot. But I have a question: I've noticed you've used Λ instead of Л. Which is more common? Is Л going to be replaced with Λ in texts from newspapers, websites, etc?

  • Ann Onymous says:

    Russian cursive? xaxaxaxa!

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