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Learn How To Read Words In The “oon” Word Family | Alphabet Cartoon For kids

(playful music) – [Narrator] Turn & Learn ABCs. Word Families. O-O-N, oon! Let’s get started. (mechanical whirring) Oh, that looks like a piece of string. (mechanical whirring) Hmm, something red. (mechanical whirring) Wow! Something big and round! (mechanical whirring) Oh, I think I know. Do you know what it is? (mechanical whirring) – [Children] Balloon! (mechanical whirring) – [Narrator] B-A-L-L-O-O-N, balloon. (swirling) Let’s try another one. (mechanical whirring) Hm, what could this be? It looks like it’s a big circle. It is a big circle! Hm, could this be? (mechanical whirring) Yes! I know what it is. (mechanical whirring) – [Children] Moon! – [Narrator] M-O-O-N, moon. (radio whistling) (playful music) One more. (mechanical whirring) Something silver. Oh, could that be a handle? I think it is a handle! Hm, but what is on the other end? (mechanical whirring) I think I got this one! It’s a– – [Children] Spoon! (mechanical whirring) – [Narrator] S-P-O-O-N, spoon! (crunching) Can you remember all the
words that we discovered in the O-O-N word family? Balloon, moon, and spoon. You did great! Bye for now!

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