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Learn Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 2

Learn Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 2

hi everyone this is very Han and this is
the egyptian arabic weekly words are you excited for today’s words so if
you are let’s get started today’s theme is about being sick that
stuff isn’t that let’s go what girl but stomachache what girl
button that is stomach ache and occult gatir for botany regarding I ate too
much so I got a stomach ache Haase saya allergy huzzah saya allergy darts are a
big hop LAN baba and Reza Sayah I cannot have a cat because my dad has allergy
too bad I love cats as you can see humma fever humma fever
I had a beanie the Mustafa LAN the quran the hama a hat
evany blue mustafa lay in the can and Ohama I took my son to the hospital
because he had a fever I don’t have a son but he had this fever obviously
su-kam called zaqqum that is cold a zone in the acceptive is the camp as
on in the except to the zoo camp I think I caught a cold
my throat hurts Sudha Sudha headache and music racketeer bag a blister and
música little kids here with ghibli sudah studying too much gives me a
headache that’s violence that our topic is
hygiene actions yes L to wash exhale we suck when the lifter xlo a sec well
until after wash your face and go down for breakfast you Sarah hard to brush
hair Anna Hazare ahah sorry Wanda Anna Hazare raha sorry
once L I will brush my hair and go you gothis to blow dry fish Sita
bag of f sorry battle stem M fish Sita burger fridge sorry bad list mmm in the
winter I blow dry my hair after taking a shower so I don’t catch
call your that of it to gargle it’s a funny one isn’t that your Hara Hara Hara
Hara but sad that Hallett of a Dilbert lugar Hara bit sada Khalid the federal
bank gargling helps you to avoid cold I know I said yeah cuz to cut Ana
hurroo hurroo say sorry in his word gay Ana her Ohio so sorry it is bad guy I
will go cut my hair next week that’s a lie I wanted to grow bugs and insects
al-hasa wrote al confessor alumina cutter at home for Salman Atta ladybug a
home for sale munakata ladybug which is in dialect I’ll confess I’m onna other
so L confess Amata begin hustle hello confess Aminata with gibble hassle hell
ladybug brings good luck now Musa mosquito the next one is named
Musa na Musa Kito Hallie bellick when a detainer musa
Hallie bellick when added in the Musa be careful of mosquito bites home Fassett
confessor beetle home facade beetle which is in the dialect home FISA elf
Arana Kennebec a de su l confessor elf Arana cannot be cut the Confessor
furrows used to worship beetles Duda worm I’m going to say it in plural I’ll
do it you feed the art LLL do it you feed the
art worms are good for the earth Saur Saur Saur Saur cockroach sir soul
cockroach which is in the dialect source or a sorcerer bay grips are added an ass
or sorbet grips ragged on cockroaches run very fast clothing actions I can
barely put my cool now I have to talk about their tada
Yelp is to put on air tada to put on and the dialect is Yelp Asst Yelp Asst and
help is jacket and harder Lena go Sarah Anna Albus jacket and harder Lena go
Sarah I will put on a jacket today because it’s cold
holla yella to take off holla to take off or in the dialect is yet la la mera
holidays Mitchie Lamar our hot lagers Mitty when I go back home I will take
off my shoes yeah please he is to try on and the
dialect that’s not so different the dialect is nice nice
an AHA is el bullosa habla mysterium an AHA is in bullosa habla mastery huh
I will try on the blouse before I buy it you let him in SM to go with you let him
to go with and the dialect it’s better to say you nessip you nessip
it to share tada Inessa blue nenek it deserted ah Inessa blue neck this
t-shirt goes with your eye color yes sell to us Anna
Axl sorry talat murat will is bore Anna Axl Shari talat Murat will is bore I
wash my hair three times a week then your wallet so let’s get started vitarka
too late the man credit card and in Egyptian Arabic we just say it how you
say it in English credit card so Mike credit card do you
have a credit card Raza to cleda Rock Tsutsui
driver’s license so for example you can say and then sit rocks at the sua
alphabet and then sit russets raffle bait which means I have forgot my
driver’s license at home no code for loose cash so for example you can say
for a free char with bib mi f loose for every shot missed by a mile ooze which
means by the end of the month I don’t have much money left June I Guinea
Egyptian pound for example you can say my ass Rodney
my ass Rodney I have 10 Egyptian pounds my photo
mufasa wallet yeah yeah yeah for example you can say my first alone her armor my
first alone hahaha my wallet is rent my wallet in your wallet I go one yet raza
to tour a towel to tour and then the dialect its yet fossa so for example I
can say else ooh yeah be happy with fossa ho Harlan remote
see a big aboitiz Ajo Howell in a remote and that means tourists like to tour
around the pyramids de Lille
delysia hey guidebook Valene guidebook and in the dialect it’s basically the
same we just say they lil CI hey with a guidebook for example you can say middle
of the enactus al al Ballad Allah and actor Italian that means it’s better for
you to ask the local people than to read the guidebook say say tourists say
tourists and then the dialect it’s say so for example you can say and say that
diamond in magma is say that they have Managua this tourist got separated from
his group Custer s-sir palace Casa a palace and in the dialect it’s us for
example you can say us from Hamad Al I’m an admin asuma’s us from Hamad Al I’m an
admin a thermos and that means Muhammad Ali’s Palace is one of the finest
palaces in Egypt mahoto tauriello Gadwal a Rahila
itinerary mahoto tauriello itinerary and in the
dialect it’s that valiree hella so for example you can say look into battle
egad well irritable buried Makita badly gadwall irritable buried that means can
you please send me the itinerary by mail medicine so let’s get started
aspirin aspirin a stream which is aspirin and for example you can say
monkey Tejada spear in law and exceed our moon Cantor hold a spear in law and
exude ah you can take aspirin if you have a headache the way Dawa medicine
that way medicine and then the dialect it’s
Dawa so for example you can say doctor Elia coded audit a lot Marat dr. Ali
echo de da de talent Marat the doctor told me to take this medicine three
times a day sure habla style
del kaha cough syrup shut up this I’ll cough syrup and in the
direct it’s Dawa kaha so for example you can say mooking studied our common
letter setup MOOC and studied our common letter Isetta and in English it means
you come by cough syrup without a prescription
look our vaccine look our vaccine so for example you can say Louis Pasteur I will
go ahead actor Sir Philip ah Louis Pasteur our headache the cephalic
ah and in English that means Louis Pasteur was the first one to discover
vaccine without the highway antibiotic without the highway antibiotic for
example you can say lesson tohat model the highway lil Tabitha bacteria and in
English that means you should take antibiotics for bacterial infections
today’s topic is about personalities and this should be fun lucky lucky
whoever lucky lucky and that means cover so for example you
can say L Medeiros in Allah bestowed mo sa leep Zakayev italian maboob in and in
English that means teachers who use clever methods and teaching are very
loved Sorum strict Sorum and that means
tricked for example you can say Baba shucks asaram didn’t but why a shock
Sorum hidden my dad is very strict god of angry load up and that means angry F
for example you can say laboratory lubricant lab Amish for a hidden Sun
elevated and that means the Angry Birds game was very famous last year
hi we know shit lively hi OE lively and then the dialect it’s not shit for
example you can say a lot for hey Donna not shooting it done a lot fall so hard
oh no not shooting it dint kids in the kindergarten are very
lively no no no yeah surreal Hadoop beta sub basura short-tempered sorry Elka dub
or short-tempered and then the direct we usually say a bit of samsara bit ah
subdora and so for example you can say that in s Electra Sabu Cyril Madiga
you can under sub anesthetist Abu Salam take a cone and a sub that means
short-tempered people need to be more patient home tools so the first one we
have is sheer it clears tape measure and in the dialect it’s just should it yes
sure it yes so for example you can say stardom
Geritol Alessa hunted academic debate dar al it had to fill auto stardom
zeratul yes i chanted academic debate hatoful Oda and that in English means I
use a tape measure to make sure that the disc can fit into the room some do
collide Sandeul elide the toolbox some do
collide and that means toolbox and in the dialect it’s just Sandeul Ida so for
example you can say coal abate let me confess and oli de poele abate let me
confess and oral Ida and that means every house must have a toolbox much
more screw much more screwed for example you can say Hallie bellick feel are the
most more Hallie bellick feel are the most more be careful there is a screw on
the floor Mitaka share cous hammer metric oh and that
means a hammer and in the dialects we usually use the word
Jacuzzi jacuzzi and you can say about the chakuza hang with an L at fall where
the shaquiesha and mutiny wall at fall and that’s in English means keep the
hammer away from children’s reach mnsure so mnsure and that means
so so for example you can say ailment or damage had dick fail and when Sharda
which had dick fail as the soul is not sharp enough birds so let’s begin
but ducks so the first word we have is but but ducks for example you can say L
but a claw was for a given scene but a claw much for a given force in ducks is
a very famous meal in China hi mama pigeon they just walk as if they owned
the place it Hammond a claw was forged on from Australia get done ahem Emma at
llamas for a get down from Australia get done prisons is a very famous meal and
Egypt and it’s also very expensive there is fresh chicken
there’s chicken and in the direct we just say fair fresh so for example you
can say lamb and freshmen are hustle home lament freshmen are hustle home and
that means chicken is one of the cheapest meets her up crow were up crow
and for example you can say Elrod ma roof and no failure has been dispelled
by the sucker fought over of my roof and no failure has been as bad buy the stock
referred to many cultures crows are considered to be bad luck miss voltar
miss vulture and for example you can say for know Salah must fee mr. Salahi did
foreknow Salamis fee mr. Salahi did in the middle of the egyptian flag there is
Salahuddin’s vulture so hidden is a very famous arabian figure in our history
studying a language from from from ism noun is a noun and you can say since
we’re studying arabic local Arabiya could ask me if he had a mimosa Cara
Alma unless local arabiya Colonel I smell fear a mimosa Cara Elmo and NASA
and the Arabic language all nouns are either masculine or feminine Tulum
to learn column to learn and then the dialect it’s Italian you tell them so
for example you can say Minister Hellenic the talam law it was wired when
the cell in knocked Italian law desire it’s easier to learn a language when
you’re young hearth character heart of character for example you can say low
ice the talam singing lesson tariffs Akhtar Muhammad olive heart love is the
talam see meal isn’t our of octoman Hamas tariff half if you want to learn
Chinese you need to know more than 5000 characters Daris
listen there’s lesson and I’m a FEMINIST there’s 30 other time better and I’m
famished there’s three other time better I did not understand yesterday’s math
lesson sofa adjective sofa adjective I so for example you can say L cut the
mahogany era for support curtailed Louis finish ahead and cut that mahogany era
for support Casilla was finish ahead writers need to know many adjectives in
order to describe the scene crossing borders so let’s get started
– IRRI visa tashera visa and the direct you can use either tashera or visa they
both make sense for example you can say lesson add the mulatto Shira is born ala
al a blue Safari lazy man Adam Allah – Sharon isbin Allah al atlas Safari I
have to apply for a visa two weeks at least before my flight the three edited
the whole reentry permit the three added the whole and that means re-entry permit
hal Hobart applicator disregarded the whole Hal had our table catatafish
edited the whole have you ever prepared re-entry permit again saya nationality
again saya nationality and for example you can say but earnest and home again
sitting by the nests and honking Satan some people hold two nationalities they
will suffer passport go as a sufferer Passport I’m the gadigal Safari son a
guy and a girl gotta go a safari Sanjaya I need to renew my passport next year um
security um which means security for example you can say less than parallel
I’m the format or less and kadala I’m the film at all which means you have to
go through security at the airport and that’s it for today I hope you liked
today’s lessons why don’t you come and below about the keywords you use while
crossing the borders I will see you next time please don’t forget subscribe bye
bye you

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