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Learn Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 1

Learn Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 1

hi everyone my name is peryhan and this
is the egyptian arabic weekly words so I’m going to start right now with our
theme that is Al Hayat the hobbies side the stomach to fish say
the stomach to face my father goes fishing every Friday a Baba bureau
hissed out cola gamma Baba bureau Ystad color gamma okay the sofa had
internet to serve the Internet the Safari and Internet I worked at a wheel
beatable I’m surfing the internet for a long time
exhausts the eye so the safar hello Internet walk to the wheel via TV line
is that easy damned Tuoba little buried to collect stamps gamma towable buried
nobody’s collecting stamps anymore but let’s see I used to collect stamps when
I was young Anna going to peg motto Bell very
advanced Carrera Anna cunt bag Matabele very DiNozzo high era okay it’s kind of
a lie but doesn’t matter rocks to dance to dance are rocks alkyl
less demure us full of raw ham Austria everyone must dance in an Egyptian with
a alkyl lesson euros fill African Australia which is quite painful for
someone who doesn’t like to that is me Sun no hot calligraphy calligraphy
fennel hot Faneuil Hall Arab League Jamil get them
familiar Clara bigamy didn’t the Arabic calligraphy is very beautiful it is
indeed please please google it you’re going to be fascinated fruits in fucka
as you know I’m from Egypt and the most popular fruits we have there is oranges
and bananas mainly because they’re cheap so if you want to know how to say your
favorite fruit in Arabic please keep on watching
Albert cook clumb Albert Koch from get a cheap guitar of Tamil borobudur / cook
less issa GD t retire of tamil merle / cook
the ziza my grandma can make a delicious plum jam sham ma’am melon sham ma’am
melon right to the supermarket we study Jam mama rattle a supermarket we study
team mama I went to the supermarket and I bought a melon too fat Apple too far
Apple ed tufa movie Alisa ha it tougher movie bliss aha apples are good for the
health and as you know an apple a day keeps the doctor away l manga mango L
manga that is mango as you can guess so the criminal Philippine Gabe Utley manga
Philippine area sadoc T min L Philippine Garrett Lee manga Philippine eeeh
my friend from the Philippines bought me a Filipino mango which is very delicious
please try it elmo’s banana elmo’s banana
elmo’s our house and wild fucker and moose our house and wha l fucka bananas
are the cheapest kind of fruit so the word banana is actually of an arabic
origin and banana it means basically a finger so because Arabs thought that
bananas are just like fingers so they just called it banana or banana mammals
i fed yet iPad yet so as you all know I’m from Egypt I said that before and
everyone thinks that easy they have caramels and nothing but comes
like you go to school every day by camel that’s not true we have cars we have
trains and you can only see camels next to the pyramids they’re natural
inhabitant ad nab rabbits awesome in the arena sorry forgive them awesome in the
arena sorry forget them I think rabbits are so
cute I said lion el-assad Mallika Reba al-assad malik al Heba the lion is the
king of the jungle a fox a Scilab motto fine home in Houma
Karine asylum my roof and home in the Houma Corrine foxes are known to be
cunning you know that song what did the Fox say
yeah let’s quite funny house on horse so as you might all know Arabian horses
are very beautiful they’re like the most popular season in the world so al hassan
al arabi game will get them al hassan al arabi Jamil get done Arabian horses are
very beautiful hands ear hands here peg al muslimin liya : ahah Nazir al
muslimin Leia : al Hannah’s ear Muslims don’t eat pigs my favorite mammal is
kittens or cats that is oppa oppa and as you can see I’m wearing cats today I
love it very much today’s topic is colors ll when so let’s
get started Amur bread el faro la luna armor el faro
la lonja armor strawberries are red is red ass
one black ass what iswhat or in the dialect is Swit that is black L is food
alone Anoop I’ll sweat loan Anouk black is an elegant color as far yellow Elmo’s
Luna as far L Mo’s loan as far bananas are yellow Bonnie brown sorry Luna bunny
Shari no no bunny my hair is brown as rock
blue in the dialect it’s Ezra as rap which is very easy to pronounce tan as
rock is sama Wilma he taught lon home Ezra sama Wilma he taught non-home Ezra
the sky and the oceans are blue continents today Elka wrote
yeah Asia ass in Arusha Akbar ballot Asia is sin Razia Akbar ballot for Asia
China and Russia are the biggest countries in Asia Australia Australia
Australia mas Laura bhai own Ethel kangaroo Australia most horrible metal
Kanger Australia is famous for the Kangaroos
Africa Africa this will be at wonderful eylem no good for Africa at wonderful
eylem and good for Africa the longest Trevor is in Africa America Chameli
North America you were America Somalia with added a sucker for America she
Malaya with added as a sucker for North America is multicultural Europa Europe
is suffer for Europa Montague Eden is suffer for OPA mom tagging them
traveling in Europe is fun the weather so let’s get started her Aisha Dida
Hari get done extremely hot hurrah Rashida which means extremely hot and in
the dialect it’s her get them harder get them so you can say I’ll go of the
Sahara harder get them he’ll go for Sahara harder get then the weather in
the desert is extremely hot rutted grew tuba humid let up humid and in the
dialect Arabic it’s grew tuba for example you can say gamma mus my future
to bhaktir gamez from a photobook tear which means the weather in egypt is not
very humid yeah how I went RIA wind or in the Egyptian
dialect it’s how how so you can say in hard ah el how much did get done in hard
ah el how much did get done today the wind is very strong Samia
Sofia summer Sofia clear sky sama Sofia clear sky or in the Egyptian dialect
sama Sofia sama Sofia for example you can say sama Sophia’s al bar is sama
Sophia’s al bar which means the sky is as clear as a Sea Ray i’m mahalia cloudy
am cloudy and in the dialect arabic it’s Maryam
so for example you can say algo I am shocked lahat mater
elcome Grahame chocolate mater which means the sky is so cloudy it seems as
if it’s going to rain today’s topic is about flavours does that work you do to
taste other walk to taste and then the dialect it you do so for example you can
say mom can I do Ayana a blue Malibu Taba and that in English means can i
please taste a sample before I order the dish Hamlet sour helmet and that means
sour so this could be an easy one what is the most sour thing it’s lemon
and lemon Hamada get done a lemon how mad you get done and that means lemons
are very sour hello sweet al hallo ed shabby of mas hello get them al hallo
yet shabih of moss hello get them Egyptian deserts are very sweet mela
mela salty mela salty and the dialect you can say mela or you can say mammal
aha so for example you can say fishermen
seem away the first diamond binnacle Samak mamala fishermen leasing away
edifice them Abednego Samak mamala and in English letters on Easter we always
eat salty fish you have to tie your hair bag because it’s so smelly
and you just like murder bitter more bitter and then the dialect it’s the
same more so for example you can say I always said that I’m uh Maura allow I
said a diamond water or in English you can say a black coffee is always better
okay and then today’s topic is about
vegetables so let’s get started Bassel onion for example you can say at
Cyril Basel beshallach diet the shade of Basel be Halleck tired peeling onions
make you cry patatas and that’s potatoes vamos Sunday de batata Spanish are
immaculate FAMAS sign it abates Manoj Sharma Colette in Egypt potato casserole
is very as a very famous meal and Egypt we make potato casserole with potatoes
of course and then tomato sauce and meat and you just put it in the oven until
it’s sweet and red and hot very very tasty thumb garlic or in the dialect
it’s tome and you can say full ascertain it don’t be mean Nessman Moses in Edom
at for example so in English it could be usually in myth Oh garlic is used to
protect people from vampires Gaza carrots and you can simply say la reina
but he brother he’ll add in a bit Hebdo Gaza and that means rabbits love carrots
Cardinal beet or in the dialect its automobile and that’s cauliflower
animabus carnem bead but sabaha broccoli broccoli an amoeba she learned a big
bust of habakkuk broccoli and that means I don’t like cauliflowers but I love
broccoli it’s such a shame because then Egypt broccoli is not very common
today’s topic is about jobs and the first one we have is Astaire’s
professor pastels and that means professor I’m me Estelle’s philia Motoko
hello I’m me who stays furgoneta O’Hara my
uncle is a professor in Cairo University double Charta police officer from us the
bottle short abu talib assess with Vegeta a beautiful safe from us the
bottle short Abdel basis with Rasheeda a beard for safe and that is in Egypt a
police officers wear black in the winter and they were white in the summer no
better med programmer so for example you can say a ashen took a mobile negligent
Kanzaki get done I shan’t a mobile negligent Kentucky Gindin if you want to
be a programmer you have to be very smart Mo’s era farmer Mo’s era and that
means farmer sometimes in the dialect you can use the word mousse era you can
also use the word fillet and the elbows okay for example you can say Muharram la
mujer en estado esta do moutoku no Julia fazer ah ma Haren in Missouri in Ekta do
estar de moto Guzzi alia fazer ah and that means in English ah recently
farmers started using high technology in agriculture
Moo Madre de nurse Moo Madre de and that means nurse so for example you can say
ah el número de Hadid Bal hominy lahmacun famous – fuh el número de a
hadith Bal hominy llama contra Mustafa the nurse took good care of me when I
was in the hospital in the classroom Buddhist teacher
Buddhist teacher and for example you can say tera fuan de Medeiros in bureau
hamid reza hatoful agatha and that in english means did you know that teachers
go to school even in holidays October empty hen test October exam or test and
then the dialect it’s empty hand and this one should be easy because it
Taliban Roma behave William Tennent the Taliban Roma baihe Berlin planet
students never like exams HESA class Hestia class so for example
you can say a lot fall 50-day beardo Hamas has us film a lot for 50-day
beardo Hamas has us volume and that is children and elementary schools take
five classes a day laughter – cool notebook after notebook and then the
dialect it’s cash cool cash cool as so for example you can say when Abdul Anika
and Akash Coleman fossil Kalamata when Abdul and you can earn the cash Coleman
fossil locally Magda and that means in English it’s better if you have a
separate notebook for each subject Subura blackboard Subura blackboard and
for example you can say in Elba Sarala Subura AB limit Meza in Elba Sarala
Subura blue made me say please write down what’s on the blackboard before it
gets erased at the office so let’s begin XML meeting XML meeting and for example
you can say and then act America glioma bar soap and then at the McCallum our
bicep we hold the meeting every Wednesday in the morning release boss
release boss and for example you can say error is the circle for a little mph
españa is circa freshly Tamil for Espanyol our company’s boss is on a
business trip in Spain zamyla Mel the mill sole co-worker the Malamud
co-worker and in the dialect we usually say as the mill official zimmel is shown
as the mill official via gas HR Lhasa the mill Official
Gazette chair La Salle my coworker is on a honeymoon holiday Maktub office maktab
office for example you can say in mock debate and busy chatting in mock debate
on bit upsetting and that means my office is two hours away from my home
Maktub desk maktab desk and you can say atlatl eval Maktub delight al awwalin
Maktub I spelled my coffee on the desk your face let’s get started
ozone within ear awesome awesome and that means ear and in the dialects
we usually use the word weddin wedding and for plural we then we then so for
example I can say an ax and a hill and food any and anthill and food any I have
piercings in my ears and manage ear nose and and nose and in the dialect we say
mana here mana here so further polymer as a sentence we can
say mana here you must do that and and about when I hear you must do – and and
about my nose is stuffy because I have cold 9i eine ein I and then the Dallas
is the same name and sentence I have for you is Sokka fat kitty R bits Tamil tau
is I sent a mean of salmon in a hassle Sokka vodka tidbits Tamil tabbies I
shan’t have enough salmon anal hassle many cultures use terms to protect
themselves from the evil eye and for example I’m going to show you the iOS
and Egypt that is this and usually people hang it in front of their houses
or stores to keep away the evil or envious eyes away from them and to help
them protect their jobs or business or families like that they also use it in
Turkey thumb book mouse thumb thumb that means mouth but in the Dalek we usually
use the word book book so for example you can say Philip went optical if elbow
Ocwen tactical eat with your mouth closed mmm cut cheek had had cheek so for
example you can say ‘aha doodle at fault Latifah Goodman who doodle at fault
Latifah get them babies chicks are very cute
today’s topic is about furniture so let’s get started as Earth ash furniture
FF furniture and then the direct we just use the word offs offs for example you
can say el Banat bakunawa Thomas indeed and leisure ofsome la my ego ego ISM
Burnett bakunawa Thomas indeed undersheriff some lime a big week away
so when they are getting married girls are so excited about buying their own
furniture Arika konoba sofa Arica sofa but in the
dialect we usually use the word cannibal cannibal so for example you can say Anna
ba ba da cannibal Marie how on about Ferreira television alibi Habad Allah
cannibal Marie how on about firaga television I would like to sit on a very
comfy sofa while watching the TV Rafa Kitab book shelf rougher caught up
bookshelf and sometimes in the dialect we just use the word ruff ruff I’ll cut
up Kenny – Allah given our Africa table for where al-kitab can’t Allah give
another of code up for air the books were too heavy for the bookshelf so it
fell down serious bed Syria bed so for example you can say Siri diamond Faldo a
Lakota boy – and that is my bed is always messy it has books and clothes on
it or you can say a nicer name Alice we had one beer I want to sleep on the
large size bed towelette Kawa terribie still our coffee table tall little Kawa
cow a little column that means coffee table but in the dialect we usually say
paribus ax or throw be still aha so for example you can say o TT NEMA
al-atareb esta la la OTT ni’ma al carbee still aha
my cat is sleeping on the coffee table and that’s it for today I hope you
liked our series and why don’t you comment below about your favorite piece
of furniture don’t forget to subscribe and check out their website bye bye
ah I’m done

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