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Learn egyptian arabic through movies with subtitles 1

Learn egyptian arabic through movies with subtitles 1

In the face of this great
tragedy let’s not forget that
a nation. . a people expect us to
stand firm We must have a clear vision
of what needs to be done The late president – announced he would hold
presidential elections after removing the consequences
of the ’67 aggression lf you’ll allow me.. The constitution is
clear on this matter You are to stand for the presidency
by national poll No, please Being vice-president
suits me fine Please discuss the matter and propose a suitable
candidate Present conditions don’t allow
for tardiness or chaos – in the transfer of power The transition must take
place quickly, and constitutionally And the constitution states – that the vice-president be
elected – by national poll within 60 days It must be done Nasser was president, prime minister and president of the
Socialist Union Let’s start with the
presidency What do you say, Sabry? Any views other than Heikal’s? With God’s blessing, then The United Arab Republic
has lost .. The Arab nation has lost .. Humanity has lost.. a Man .. most precious A man .. most beloved most brave and most loyal President Gamal Abdel Nasser l previously requested to
remain vice-president But after reviewing the
situation and reading the memorandum
of the armed forces to which l strongly objected l realized the necessity of
quickly taking a poll – for the presidency l have one reservation Please, Anwar, don’t take this
personally Do speak frankly, Hussein l fear the people may
refuse to elect you That would mean they reject
the 23 July revolution as you are one of its symbols You’re right. The people
may vote against me Should that happen I’ll
ask you to meet and propose a new candidate If the people refuse him we’ll meet again and propose
another Citizens l must say in all honesty that l am honoured by the results
of the poll in which over 6 million of you voted in favour of my election and over 700thousand voted against l pledge .. to be there, _or those who voted yes
and those who voted no A nation belongs to
all of its people and its leader is entrusted
with their welfare The void left by Nasser- cannot be filled by one man l cannot carry out this
mission alone Therefore future political work must take place through, constitutional and political
organizations The mail, sir There’s a formal dinner in honour of the Secretary of the
Foreign Relations Committee of the Soviet Communist Party And these.. You read all this stuff
and brief me These piles of paper are what
killed Masser, rest his soul – Finished Anwar?
– Finished, teacher Recite out loud ”Say, naught shall befell us, but what Allah decrees” Pronounce it right, son Befall, with an ”a” All of you, repeat after me ”Say, naught will befall us, but what Allah decrees” ”Say, naught shall befall us ,
but what Allah decrees” -Again
– ”Say, naught shall befall us” .. l respect .. the constitution and laws of the Egyptian Nation l got the message Tell them all the lines
are out of order First Lieutenant Anwar Sadat? I’m Dr. Youssef Rashad,
a doctor at the neighbouring unit – Pleased to meet you
– Thank you, sir l need to make an urgent call
to Cairo The lines are out of order
doctor Yes, l know that l hoped you could help me out
in someway My son’s very sick and l wanted
news of him Thank you, anyway Doctor .. A moment, please I’衫 going to try something;
l hope it works l hope so, sir Cairo? Stay on the line, please Here you go, doctor Take your time;
I’ll be outside l can’t thank you enough No. 2590, please

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