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Learn Dutch Alphabet – Dutch for beginners (ABC) | Nederlandse Alfabet Alphabets

Learn Dutch Alphabet – Dutch for beginners (ABC) | Nederlandse Alfabet Alphabets

Hello there. Welcome to ifactner.com’s learn
Dutch language video tutorial series. In today’s tutorial, we are going to learn about Dutch
alphabet. Alphabet is written in Dutch like this. Just like in English, there are 26 letters
in Dutch alphabet. Let’s learn them. First, we have aaa. aaa. aaa. A is aaa. Please
speak aaa. B is b. Just like in English. But we say it
like Bae. Bae. B is Bae. Please speak. Bae. C is Cae. Cae. Cae. C is Cae. Please speak
Cae. D is d. D. D. D. D is D. Please speak D.
E is Aie. It is pronounced as aie. aie. E is pronounced as aie. Please speak aie.
F is f. F. F. F. F is F. Please speak F. G is Ghaee. Ghaee. Ghaee. G Ghaee. Please
speak Ghaee. H is ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. H ha. Please speak ha.
I is pronounced as English E. E. E. I E. Please speak E.
J is pronounced as as Yayee. Yayee. Just like in baby yayee. J is Yayee. Please speak Yayee.
K is Ka. Ka. Ka. K is Ka. Please speak Ka. L is pronounced as L. L. L. L. L. Please speak
L. M is M. M. M. M is M. Please speak
M. N is N. N. N. Please speak N.
O is pronounced as O just like in English. O. O. O. O. please speak O.
P is pronounced as Payee. Payee. Payee. P Payee. Please speak payee.
Q is Qoo. Qoo. Qoo. Q qoo. Please speak qoo. R is err. err. err. R err. So there is rr
at the end. err. Please speak err. S is s. S. S. S is S. Please speak S.
T is Tayee. Tayee. Tayee. T is Tayee. Please speak Tayee.
U is oou. Oou. Oou. U is oou. Please speak Oou.
V is Vfay. So it’s a little bit of f and a little bit of V. Vfay. Vfay. V is Vfay. Please
speak Vfay. W is Wayee. Wayee. Wayee. So it is pronounced
as Wayee. But It’s just wrtitten like in English Wayee. W is Wayee. Please speak Wayee.
X is pronounced as ixs. ixs. ixs. X is ixs. Please speak ixs.
Y is Aiy. Aiy. Aiy. Y aiy. Please speak aiy. Z or Z is pronounced as Zet. Zet. Zet. Z or
Z Zet. Please speak Zet. Guys and girls, this time, I will repeat the
whole lesson in Dutch. Please listen to me carefully, as in the next section, we will
be doing a speaking exercise. Aaa.
B. C.
D. Aie.
F. Ghaee.
Ha. E.
Yayee. Ka.
L. M.
N. O.
Payee. Qoo.
Err. S.
Tayee. Oou.
Vfay. Wayee.
Ixs. Aiy.
Zet. Guys and girls! Now we will do an exercise.
This time, I will speak in English and you will pronounce that letter in Dutch. So let’s
begin. A. Please speak. Aaa.
B. Please speak. B. C. Please speak. C.
D. Please speak. D. E. Please speak. Aie.
Just like in English A, it’s Aie. F. Please speak. F.
G. Please speak. Ghaee. So it’s the most difficult letter to pronounce. It’s Ghaee. Ghaee.
H or H is. Ha. I is E.
J is Yayee. K is Ka.
L. Please speak. L. M. Please speak. M.
N. Please speak. N. O is o.
P. Please speak. Payee. Q. Please speak. Qoo.
err. R. Please speak. err. with the thrill at the end. err.
S. Please speak. S. T. Please speak. Tayee.
U. Please speak. Oou. So there is very famous Dutch or a city in the Netherlands, that is
Utrecht. That is in the middle of the Netherlands. V is Vfay.
W is Wayee. X is Ixs.
Y is aiy. Z or Z is Zet.
Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much for joining me. Please give this video a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel. I will see you in the next lesson. Until then. Take care.
Good day.

4 Replies to “Learn Dutch Alphabet – Dutch for beginners (ABC) | Nederlandse Alfabet Alphabets”

  • Dee Dee says:

    dank je wel ! this is beginner's friendly.
    i have a challenge with aie, ghae, oou, en aiy, now i must practice with your help.

  • Christine Tinberg says:

    I like that you went slowly. Other videos went over the alphabet too fast.

  • 高芸雅 says:

    Thanks so much for up.
    But the pronunciation in this video is a little different from that in other videos.
    I wonder if there are more than one Dutch?
    like the pronunciation of R and Q

  • Putri Nandini says:

    Wow .. i love dutch alphabet . So familiar with Indonesian ?????

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