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Learn Chinese for Beginners: Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (Week 4/Day 3)

Learn Chinese for Beginners: Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (Week 4/Day 3)

nǐmen hǎo wǒ shì Yōuyōu zhōnɡwén de Wèiwèi
你们好 我是优优中文的蔚蔚
hi guys I’m Weiwei from Yoyo Chinese hěn hǎo
good hěn hǎo
good hěn hǎo

11 Replies to “Learn Chinese for Beginners: Chinese Phrase of the Day Challenge (Week 4/Day 3)”

  • Blinkhere says:

    Its so nice to learn new stuff every day 🤗

  • Reggie Burton says:

    I have alot of trouble pronouncing long sentences. 😂
    I am a very basic person and i love to learn new words.
    Sometimes i have a memory problem 🤕.

    My friend used to grab my fingers and place it on her throat so i could feel the word she was pronouncing.
    It was easier.

    I remember asking her to put the sound into an English word say for example.
    Id ask so is that like she.
    So oneday not too far away,
    i will go to China and visit her and Chinese culture.
    My visa is ready to go now but the fact the coronavirus stops me traveling to Anhui via HK puts strain on her coming to Australia or myself going to China.

    Thankyou for the classes Wei Wei and Yangyang.

    I look forward to learn more.

  • Roger Greaves says:

    Love this whole series, great content, builds nicely..whole sentence appears impossible at first glance, but by the end I'm saying it, and understanding it! Great stuff, and really well thought out..thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • jellysalsa says:

    I love these little gems!

  • The Raczinator says:

    You should take away the pinyin from the words we already learnt in previous weeks and leave the pinyin for the new words so we can learn the characters, when you read Chinese literature there won't be any pinyin in it.

    I got my gf to repeat the sentence and she did it really fast and without taking a breath (she is Chinese By the way). How are they able to do it like that, I need to stop and take breaths after three characters.

  • Vincent Ng says:

    Can you make a video that tells us what’s the meaning of each character/word by showing us hundreds of Chinese characters ?? 😅 I’m a Chinese but a banana…I only know how to speak but not read and write 😭

  • Jaime Villanueva says:

    Hmm. I wonder how else I can use 事

  • Khaled Qutub says:

    ni hăo
    I found in the sentence there is 2 (de) what is the difference between them?

  • Will Newcomb says:

    I'm loving your beginners classes. But because I'm old (71) I can foresee a time when I'll start lagging behind haha! So far, it's building on what I already know (or should know) but it's great having the same material presented in a different way and in a different order. Blessings to you for putting it together for us!

  • Loan Mai says:

    I can not distinguish 事 and 事情😥😥😥

  • kamal mohamad says:

    22 / 2 / 20 thanks

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