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Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1 :: Alphabet

Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1 :: Alphabet

Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1 Hi! I’m Rochelle (sign name) It’s great to see you here today is the first lesson in Learn ASL in 31 Days I’m excited! Today you’ll learn the alphabet but you’ll also learn things to do and things not to do These are very important to know them both. Okay? Let’s go. A B C D E — there’s two ways (closed E or screaming E) I am guilty of using the screaming E. Some people don’t like this way, but hey, it’s easier. Both are fine. F G Two ways: 1 – to the side (most common) 2 – to the front H I J K L M You’ll see in books this: but that’s awkward. Like this or a little lain over the knuckles is best/easiest N — not all the way down. Get those fingers up! O P — same as K, just flipped down. Q — same as G, just flipped down as well. R S T U V W X Y Z Good, now things to do and things not to do. Don’t bounce up and down, it’s hard to understand. Don’t knock your hand — it’s shouting. Don’t turn your hand to face different directions. I’m not signing to me! Turn it to face the person you’re signing to. It can help if you hold your arm still when practicing. If you sometimes bounce you can keep yourself still. If you start turning your hand the wrong way you can keep it forward. Good to practice your alphabet using a mirror. You can watch yourself Okay, I think that’s it. Pretty easy. Practice. Here’s the whole alphabet We’re all done! See you tomorrow with a new video. Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1

100 Replies to “Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1 :: Alphabet”

  • Kennedy Ison says:

    For those of you asking: she is hearing NOT D/deaf. I encourage you all to find a D/deaf youtuber to learn from so you can support them teaching their own language.

  • Jessica O'brien says:

    Thank you so much! I love that you need the captions on. I have no desire to sign like a hearing person but to learn to the language for what it is and do it in a way that best communicates with those who can't hear!

  • Laura Crampton says:

    I had a woman come into Ulta yestereday (where I work) who was obviously hard of hearing or deaf. I wanted so badly to be able to communicate with her. So I'm going to teach myself as much as I can until I can get registered for an ASL course.

  • NoyzBot says:

    wow! thank you! I recently found out I've got an APD, so I kinda have to walk around with ear plugs if I don't want to have a panic attack in public. learning ASL might be a way to continue to remain communicative even when things are too loud for me to handle and you're quite good at explaining this

  • Ange Waters says:

    This is a good refresher for me. Thank you for being so succinct.

  • Brandon Capone says:

    Thank you

  • Mesogreat says:

    Marshmallow brought me here.

  • Wam Bam says:

    When I was younger I had a friend who was deaf and I didn't know how to use sign language so I would always take a notebook with me whenever we would play together, it just made me feel a little bad because it was like we never got to truly communicate, so in case we ever meet again i'm trying my best to learn! Thank you for these amazing videos.

  • All Around Flat says:

    Well if This is DAY 1……Im freekin screwed ?

  • Terra Donahue says:

    Oh my! I’ll be back after I practice some more!

  • Arya Homagain says:

    I keep getting stuck on k, any tips?

  • mkptrsn says:

    Thank you, I really respond to your style of teaching and appreciate your videos. Your "Dos" and "Don'ts" are super helpful.

  • Rushi waghmare says:

    I want to learn this because john wick learned this in part 2

  • InternallyAdorable says:

    I’m learning because I made up a character who can’t speak and I want to be able to draw him while he’s using sign language

  • dolewhipp says:

    my sister went deaf recently, learning this for her 🙂

  • GiGi The Potato says:

    I’m looking forward to your classes! Last year in 4th grade my friend told me that she is slowly becoming deaf, and this year we’re going to be in the same class again so I’m happy that I can talk to her in ASL now!

  • LaVon Mobley says:

    This is a personal goal of mine to learn this beautiful language. So I can connect with those whose primary language is this for conversation and Ministry.

  • Kids Amazing World says:

    How can i understand u didnt speak any thing i want to learn sign language

  • Ignis Anima says:

    Soon nobody will be safe from my stupid jokes.

  • Tim Carrizales says:

    I work at Starbucks and I have a customer who comes in everyday – seldom a few days or a week for vacations. I've worked there for 6 months, and the first day he came in, he asked for a pen and paper. Of course, being that you can't easily communicate with someone, it makes things quite awkward – especially with a line of customers. Now that I've learned his order, I can easily get him in and out and I sign to him my thanks, but that's all. I get quite upset with myself because my goal as a barista is to always be sure to connect and learn a little about each of my customers, as many of them return frequently to my store, and not knowing how to sign fluently prohibits me from connecting with my hard of hearing or deaf customers. I pretty excited, no more less than I am dedicated, to learning to sign so that I may learn more about this customer. It'll take a lot of practice but I can't wait

  • My'Kayla Jones says:

    Anyone here in 2018 ??

  • Ocellia Ysel says:

    I had learned ASL as a child since both my grandparents were deaf. My father taught me, he grew up using it to communicate. Every now and then I still need a little refresher course, so I stop by your channel. 😀 Currently I am the only one at my place of work who knows how to sign (I work in a restaurant) and it has come in handy (what a nice pun ;D) when we have patrons who need to use ASL. I'm happy to be able to accommodate them so they can order comfortably.

  • Clayton Canny says:

    1:20 gotcha

  • Rhianna Williams says:

    I learned the alphabet in 1st grade, but have never been able to remember f, g, k, p, q or x. However, I have recently decided to try to learn ASL, and after watching your video, I can actually remember them all! I'm so proud of myself! Thanks for the help!

    Also, I have to say that ASL gets really tricky if your hands are cold!!

  • Jaelyn Hill says:

    Cannot understand yet

  • Sarai Theories says:

    Who got super irratated by her

  • k bote says:

    New subs!would love 2 learn ASL easily!tnx for the vid ☺

  • Brooklyn Hudson says:

    How can we read the captions AND watch which sign you are forming, at the same time?

  • v3rtabreaker says:

    Thank you for the do’s & don’ts!

  • xXLaurz Xx says:

    Is clueless in the first few seconds

  • Lilly Laluseasa says:

    This is a stupid question, but do you sign with your left or right hand? Does it matter?

  • Tfox 05 says:

    Thank you my freinds parents are deaf and it is akward when they dont know what im saying but now i can spell them out

  • Lady Reaper says:

    Could you just use alphabet to talk if need be? Would they get offended?

  • Lady Reaper says:

    Seems ASL, should be a must to learn at a young age.

  • Juan Toscano says:

    Talk we beginners

  • Gago Girl says:

    Question: when you do 'z' does it have to be the first finger or can you use your pinky? I remember learning the movement with the pinky but it was forever ago. These are well done, thank you!

  • Mikkeyy says:

    anybody else had there volmue down?

  • coughdrop says:

    i love how these videos started with the alphabet first. as i have learned, a lot of words can't be translated into asl/it's difficult to learn the whole asl dictionary, so i'm glad you start with this to fill in any blanks that you might have 🙂

  • Jacklyn Reyes says:

    Question, is there a correct hand to use. Right or left?

  • John Hawkins says:

    Oh boy i thought it was the letter A today not the whole alphabet. Ill be on Day 1 a month 🙂

  • Lori Riddle says:

    Do you sign with your dominant hand or the opposite hand?

  • Athena says:

    Easier to start at 0:38

  • Nana says:

    I'm learning! But my thumb is so short, the letter m is really hard 🙁 Is there an alternative?

  • TurteltaubTheDove says:

    I remember I once got drunk and decided to learn ASL. Woke up the next day to knowing the alphabet, which was pretty cool. Made me want to learn more. Sober this time, of course.

  • Sarah Scherzinger says:

    How do we turn on captions?

  • miya boyles says:

    Due to a incident I had as a child I am now (as an adult) going deaf. There are all kinds of free apps to learn all kinds of languages for free but none I have found for asl. Right now I lip-read but it has always boggled my mind that schools don't have classes to learn asl along with the mandatory spanish and French. I know many deaf ppl who never learned asl because there was no one to teach it. Thank you sincerely for these videos. I know there are other ways to communicate with ppl but they have really taken alot of stress off of my plate. And the best part is my children are learning as well. So thank you, thank you, thank you.✨?☺

  • disgusting moth main says:


    [ignore this, it's just for me to skip to the start of the alphabet since i'm going to be going over this everyday :)]

  • J K says:

    I am looking to learn signing and teach my daughter! I am very excited about this month to come! Thanks for the video sequence! I know I am 5ish years late but thank you!!

  • Korona says:

    lmao there's this deaf kid me and my friend saw sitting alone so we decided to learn sign language and become there friend… =_=

  • Jamely Rodriguez says:

    omg im learning for myself and u are the best teacher

  • MinniTii says:

    I'm trying to learn sign language to help my dad because he is deaf he has some hearing but it's still hard for him. :3

  • James Griego says:

    If we are learning sign, it means we do not know it yet. Why are there no written, or spoken descriptions?

  • Kate Healey says:

    I'm so excited to have found this! I have moderate to severe hearing loss, but I've been getting a lot of ear infections making my hearing worse and barring me from being able to wear my hearing aids. My husband has a good grasp on ASL but I've never learned. Just knowing the alphabet and learning is so quickly has helped us communicate so much better already! I'm excited for the rest of this series!

  • Ashley Hartley says:

    How is your paid course different from these videos besides the worksheets and wallpaper?

  • SF9 is my ult oops says:

    I am losing my hearing so I am going to learn asl

  • Juliette Rosso says:

    I've been trying to learn asl for the longest time! thanks so much.

  • YouAreSo Lovely says:

    TURN ON THE SUBTITLES IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, It states it in the description too. OOF

  • LinearAlgebra says:

    I dont know why but I wanna learn this language too..I would feel ashamed if I cant talk like that when needed. Thanks for this tutorial ?

  • kacie-pop says:

    does anyone have any book recommendations for ASL? i think having a book to learn from would be handy as i donʼt always have access to the internet

  • TRM Wyldshade says:

    Thank you for the video. I can hear and I found your video difficult to follow. Trying to read the captions at the exact same moment that you are signing is difficult. On top of that, having advertisements pop up over the captions is impossible. Please consider having someone do a voiceover. Thank you for your time.

  • Charissa van W says:

    If my name has two of the same letters in a row, do I sign both of them?

  • emma christine says:

    hey rochelle! so i just had a quick question – I am trying to learn ASL, but I have an impairment in my right hand where I am unable to fully extend my fingers or make a fist with my right hand – will this make it harder to sign or will people kind of understand what I am saying. Also, why is the right hand the dominant signing hand and does anyone dominantly sign with their left?

  • Esej Snake says:

    I really enjoy this (both the video and asl in general). The hand movements (exept the d) seem very, very natural. I learned the alphabet from another video and looked this up for some tips, but I'm so happy, because turns out I learned it well (without using a mirror, just doing what felt right and comfortable) so I don't have to unlearn anything. Thank you for this video, it was very clear. Have a great day!

  • Ashleigh Schamper says:

    I have a deaf friend over Twitch and when I stream IRL, I love communicating with him but not just typing in chat to him, I’m gonna surprise him next stream

  • Liran Kaplan says:

    Why I am crying to this. this is new form of teacging for me.

  • Nick C says:

    This is absolutely fantastic, and I know it's not just me. I know as close to nothing about ASL as is possible without actually knowing nothing lol, I think I can probably clap and say thank you and that's about it, besides one or two wonderfully rude gestures lol but I've always wanted to learn ASL. Unfortunately, I've always had the thought that it was just really overwhelming, as any new language is at first. However, I just found your channel on a random search and watched this video and I'm really surprised by how much of what you're saying is understandable to me, granted its not a whole lot, but it's a lot more than I had imagined or expected to understand. The increase in facial and body expressions I'm perceiving seem like they could be paramount, and I'm not certain if that's a teaching thing or a feature of ASL per se. I naturally excel in reading emotions, intentions, and things of that nature, from people's facial and body language, and I never realized until now how much of sign language isn't even in the hands. Also, your smile and mannerisms are warm and friendly, and welcoming, and I'll tell you what, they instill a sense of confidence, or at least comfort about the task, in a beginner student. That makes the whole task of learning ASL feel 'much' more accessible and far more attainable. I wish I had started years ago. I'm totally subscribing. Thanks so much for putting your time and energy into this channel! ❤️

  • guo jasmine says:

    I am not deaf or mute but I just want to communicate with others without me talking even if I'm a chatterbox around my friends and family I want to save my breath so yeah

  • Yunseo Ha says:

    Whole alphabet starts at 4:47 :DD

  • shantédidathing says:

    i remembered the alphabet from church in elementary school put i always had trouble remembering fgh

  • Apple Mint Candy says:

    I have always wanted to learn ASL!!! Thank U for making this video 🙂

  • Abraham strat says:

    Don’t forget to turn on the captions so you can see what she is signing, everyone ?

  • Pizza Addict says:

    I’m here because you never know if the lady (or man, etc.) of your dreams will be deaf… how many friendships you could miss out on… Plus, my brother is autistic, and may be using some ASL soon

  • LydiaPlayzz says:

    Thank you for this series! I'm autistic and i am in need of a alternative way to communicate if i can't physically talk in the current moment and was wanting to see if i could try ASL if someone i know can understand ASL!

  • Elena Gibbons says:

    Does anyone have tips if you’re having trouble with the hand shapes of certain signs? I find k particularly difficult.

  • Liz Schultz says:

    Thank you for making these videos. I was born with a hearing impairment in my right ear and at 36 have finally decided to start learning in case something ever happens to my left ear. Also, I just think it would be nice to be able to communicate with other hearing impaired/deaf individuals.

  • Monique Hackett says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to help those that are willing to learn.

  • TomBeetle Bailey says:

    Even with captions on i am having a very hard time learning this. I hope it helps others. It would help me if some one spoke as well. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Elliot Cantor says:

    How the fuck do i learn if your not talking

  • George Varghese says:

    Hey! I was thinking about starting a sign language learning club at my university. Right now there aren't any organizations or representations for learning. I was thinking of creating lesson plans based around units. Would you be alright if I took some inspiration from the way you organize your 31 days? Because I'm trying to make this just a brief introduction sort of club, I was thinking 4 units. I would like to link to your videos as extra material for students who want more. Also I do feel a little reserved about doing this. I'm not a native speaker of any visual languages so my experience with the culture is pretty barren. Sign language has been a hobby of mine for a couple years and I've used it in a couple experiences (a couple times in retail actually). If you have any advice I'd appreciate it.

  • Teresa Concepcion says:

    Right or Left hand?

  • Kate crapulous says:

    I already know some of the basics to Isl (Irish sign language) but I wantes to learn Asl as well. I hope the compliment each other, and they will be very handy for a job it the future

  • rabidraptor says:

    Thank you for these lessons Rochelle! This is my husband's acct. but I am a pre-school teacher and want to share ASL while singing with my students next year. Thank you again. 🙂

  • Devastating earthquake in 2019 in South America says:

    You’re incredible and I’m so slow, but I’m trying

  • Diamond Da kat says:

    why am i watching this, i already know sign, my cousins are deaf and mute.

  • Lily Richer says:

    Her: Signing at me
    Me: staring blankly

  • sasha'ss world says:

    I want to learn it thx !

  • Matt mcrae says:

    im learning this so I can get a job faster in the future

  • Chehan Jayatissa says:

    This really helps, hopefully ill be using this in 30 days.

  • Cutie.Hamster01 says:

    I really want to know how to sign because it is beautiful and I would love to help deaf people so thx for series hopefully I will be able to become fluint

  • Alex de la Luna says:

    I love your smile 🙂

  • Calista warner says:

    I've been wanting to learn ASL for a while, my family started learning all together for a while for my little sister (We didn't become fluent). She doesn't have any hearing problem but she has Down Syndrome and struggles talking clearly, she has gotten much better at speaking and doesn't use sign language for more than a few words. When she was little she used Eat, Mom, and shoes most commonly so that's really all I remember, now she only uses it to show that she can lol. I'm glad there are videos like this out there!

  • Dom the Bomb says:

    If you're Rochelle Barlow, then who's the person in the first 100 signs video?I'm

  • Kathrine Doughty says:

    I want to be able to speak ASL because there are deaf people at my school and the only people who can understand them is other deaf children and the translator there are only 3 deaf kids at my school

  • Dale Chadwick says:

    Can you speak and hear?

  • Mr. Tr3Bl0cks says:

    I met an elderly that was deaf at a scrapyard not to long ago. No one wanted to cash him out on his items that he brang to recycle because they couldn't understand him. It took about 3x the usual to get him out of there than a regular customer, but in that time I asked him to teach me hello, how are you? Its beautiful day and also have a good night. From what I interpreted after our short convo he told me in sign thank you for taking the time to listen and gestured a hug so I gave him one. That's why I'm on this page wanting to learn more. I can understand little but will continue to watch these videos and learn more so I can in the future have a full conversation with someone that cant use their voice.

  • Roll That Plumbob says:

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and I'm slowly losing my ability to speak. I'm glad I came across your videos! They have been the simplest way to learn I have found so far. Especially since I'm having to teach my entire family how to sign!

  • Dark Heart says:

    Me without subtitles: What is she saying!?"

    Me after watching the whole video only to realize there's subtitles: ?

  • NagKa Tiwala-g-an says:

    Hey new subscriber here…
    I'm always interested in learning sign language but l don't have time before. So l got the chance now and willing to learn for knew skills. I'm having compassion to aspire other people and the pwd's like deaf and mute l wanna help them too and make them happy. Could you please speak what you were signing? Coz I'm having a hard time to understand since I'm a biginner.

  • kaz says:

    my dumb self turned the volume all the way up then got scared because i thought my headphones broke

  • Kainat A says:

    I believe everyone should learn sign language, as it is also helpful when we go to foreign countries and don't know how to speak their language, it might be easier to speak this way even though sign language might differ a little from country to country. Its still a beautiful way to express yourself 🙂

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