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Learn Arabic

Learn Arabic

Narrator: This is Ahmed. Narrator: He is a student. Teacher: Read!
Student: This is Ahmed. He is a student. Teacher: Exactly! Narrator: Aa, Ba Narrator: Wa-a-da (Promised) Teacher: What is he / she doing? Student: The boy is eating food. Teacher: What is she doing? Student: She is waking up. Student: The dog is sleeping. Teacher: And here?
Student: The boy is drinking coffee. Teacher: Good job! Student: You are an engineer. Teacher: You are an engineer. Student: You are not a cook. Teacher: Yes, Good job! Student: Yes, I am a cook.
Teacher: Good Job! Teacher: Ok! Teacher: What is the time? Student: It is three o’clock! Student: No, no! Yes, yes!
Teacher: Yes, two. Teacher: And this?
Student: This is “Anty” (You [feminine form]. Teacher: And this?
Student: This is “Ana” (I am) Character 1: Are you ok?
Character 2: Yes, yes, I am ok. Thanks! Character 2: What is your name?
Character 1: My name is Ali, and his name is Hassan. Character 3: Is this your daughter?
Character 4: Yes, this is my daughter. Character 5: Mom! Dad! Character 2: Hi Ali! Is Sarah your daughter? Character 1: Yes, she is my daughter.

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