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Learn Arabic Vocabulary | Moroccan Arabic Made Easy Vol. 1

Learn Arabic Vocabulary | Moroccan Arabic Made Easy Vol. 1

Selam welcome to Arabic weekly words I’m
Shaima and let’s discover the theme of this week the weather
Halla two attacks in there is a Moroccan Arabic would say a Joe Joe yeah let’s
get started a first world and but a Barban means lightning and Indonesia
would say just bark mom money mashup lebar I’ve never witnessed lightning
ever next word hi Hut and there is always say either it’s
school which means literally hard or sad like it’s oh it’s hot like Sun from Iraq
GMAC a concert Marrakech is always hot in summer to be fair next word righto
the humid Indonesia we just say like there is humidity which is Kaena Kaena
nume detail like we just used a French word a good sentence with this would be
done with emptiness we know like in Juvia waking juicy hot rod or you feel
luma DT Casablanca is a cheerful City but it’s human
thanks for it is awesome and Asif is Wendy and Indonesia would say we don’t
have a word for that so we just say like there is wind like and array a sentence
like this would be a swell Swarek Ajitha surfing’s yen and fee and game theory
itself so surfing is is always good in this area because it’s it’s Wendy
next word muchas muchas is sunny for the region would same Shemesh feel like this
is to mirage seen in other places the maracas maybe they would say she miss
like which is more correct mirage de mo k con cocoon hunch english safe yeah in
summer in marrakech in summer it’s today would be always sunny days are always
something – free emotions yeah Michelle Masha
Lucia is the sonic first word is say it say it
or sayyida force email means happy Indonesia Moroccan Arabic we say for Han
a sentence for this word would be another handed you mom hint at a Malcolm
I’m happy today because I’m with you that’s true
next word is with flg surprise we say the same word intelligent fashion it
explained us slightly different like mood effigy
Malaysia a sentence for this would be a negative – office locket bow I was
surprised when I met her next word husband husband or hot wanna for female
that means angry we have the same word Indonesia with a hot blonde a hot bond
Caban another bono hit who a massage why should be Madara CTO I’m angry because
my brother didn’t do his homework next word meat water means nervous
animation to trahana damn Camille I am NOT nervous
even if I’m I’m in front of the camera next way with Hemnes excited mmm
getting temps of zell fashion shouldn’t furbish for much I was so excited when I
wait when I went to watch the game it’s going to the movies at the head
either a cinema and was how I say not sure cinema or huge cinema
first word is a cinema theater or just movie theater Indonesia we have the same
word we say cinema anime come should you say web stuff I don’t go so much to the
movies next word home at the female word is mu Medina
it means actor and Indonesia we say Monty Monty know the same one Brad Pitt
is a good actor Brad Pitt movie teen the end next word Moorish moviemaker
yeah concatenate coalition she used to wish to be a movie maker
next word comedian comedy Zoolander comedians way no Zoolander is a good
comedy next word Oh film right scary movie Indonesia will say film key flare
so film Calum stuff so is a very scary movie I don’t know what people watch
them direction– words and you met editi shahadat or in Moroccan Arabic we would
say same on each ahead but later but people use a specific what is net is the
gift Direction’s it’s a good one to know first word is yummy means right
Indonesia sorry we say women certo Oh Dora and lehman hutton bonk go straight
turn right and you’ll find a bank next word yes are means left and daddy shall
we say Lisa the clause yes I let’s say I get sentence will be the convenience
store is on your left high note giant lid ELISA next one a
hello toy it means straight ahead and Indonesia we just say tall but there’s
also another very common word we say mission like if someone is giving you
directions would say silly nishan go straight
next word doc that means to turn can Heidi told that Endymion
wide or lesser it was going straight and he turned right and then left
Alban other needs to cross in day shall we say that that literally means to Kai
but we use it like to like to cross the street a Velma – auntie show van leemer
show Vanessa answer before cross industry look at your right
then at your left and then and then cross and then go
Moroccan jobs al-wada is al Madrid eeeh and that is always say academia Moravia
hey Danny is a floor of head mop head man is one job so let’s get started
first word is mu mari de umar r.a da means nurse and enforce how we use the
same word but some people prefer to use the French word you know our maraca is
influenced by the French right you’d hear people say and film yeah but mostly
BOJ’s use also memory than the word help us how a good sentence with this would
be to can’t mama rhythm his sister was a nurse next word shorty police officer
the darisha word is bully C Busey is police say from fresh we don’t have a B
in Arabic so we say boo DC it’s close to the French one shadow can walk thin Jews
bullies and this sweet there was two police officers next word Madhava omeone
Tov want of a nail what of a female it means office worker
we have the same word Indonesia we say moon love ye d can you judge more Tuffy
both his parents were office workers next word is Mohandas or mohandie esteem
a one hand ISA and it means engineer and the force hub or the DA Risha word is
the same word going this one D saw a good sense with this would be yeah got
credible why did we leave Mahan diesel she studying now and she’s gonna be an
engineer next word Allah Allah portal Gaia means farmer and there’s the same
word for the region why did you can feel that beer can case of done Falacci
observes it to what his father was a big farmer and he exported fruits to many
countries hmm Moroccan or famous Moroccan foods
okhane matadv yo push warm first word of course tagine who comes to Morocco and
doesn’t get that Tanjung we say the same word
input hi I’m Terry German for me people use also the same work palgeum of LNG of
wattage in lamb the birth of my favorite tagine is beef & poor’s with some onions
next word Stella this word means Bastian it’s a good thing for mothering and not
Stella judge of Stella bill a bill hood in Morocco we have chicken pasta which
is sweet and chewy and fish pasilla which is also great
next word course course of course you know this world couscous film ahead
can I look so cool asthma a Morocco eat couscous every day every Friday next
word tangia tangia I’m not translating because they are the
same words in pasta in the region and in English mangia here Oklahoma rakia Vinci
yes Tangier is a is America she is a Moroccan dish next word is heavier
heavier means soup but but like Moroccan soup is called Helia in Ramadan we have
harira every day and from Dan cacheable Hara : negative adjectives unload a
Silvia in danger would say new route hi Bob
maybe let’s get started first word is has in or Hasina it means sad in there
is away with same panic local not not not happy I love and for
female cop we can unlock deserve hint to my mom about suffering he was really sad
because his parents are traveling next word SAP or Saba it means difficult and
in deja we have a very close word to the food Howard we say sigh so sad sight
with a sigh for female sable the bark and intense I observe
yesterday the exam was really hard next word
Kadir Ali ha means ugly in deja we say hype or hi Bob
there are behind no one is ugly next word mood Tessa or for female what
ha it means 30 and in deja we say Musa Musa they are also very close so what
does here Musa wuji Mustang has named it long my clothes are dirty I need to
change next word share we’re for female share
lira and is mean and then shall we say hi or hiya for female so like mean and
ugly untied in the Indonesia who are mushy Dollface
why zap her brother is not nice he’s very mean nice giving a compliment
we have one word for that in Arabic you German first word is a hello or hello
one for female means sweet there is a word would be of that on cell it’s used
to describe like person physically or just the way they behave or just the way
they are like handed liván double eyelids at that girl is so sweet
it could mean that she’s beautiful physically or she’s beautiful as a
person depending on the context means different things
next word Anouk what I knew huh it means elegant and we have the same word in
Dasia mama and I observe khf Nicki fasciitis her mother is so elegant
I like how she dresses next word Latif Oh Latifah means nice and Indonesia we
say the leaf or the Reva how did we set up and he’s a himself he had a vivo I
like that teacher so much she’s so nice next word Jamil or Jamila for female
Amin is beautiful in pasta or in Asia we use the words win or Serena and we know
Serena is not only used to describe like people physically like beautiful it’s
used in so many different ways had you come on teyla’s win it deserve
that actor is so beautiful next word the key or the key means
intelligent and thou shalt be saved key or the key of the difference is that the
and the da most words that has that in force how we just take off the top and
say that just because it’s easier so in fossa instead of the key
is it key I had equipment key observe hakuna and Ibaka between that girl is so
small is so intelligent or so smart she’s she’s hot she’s gonna have a great
future it’s being sick Oh I’m just gonna call that in Arabic
I’m on it being sick it’s bad it’s never fun murid or my dog for the team Edward
sick who had the same word in Division Kent Molly that deserved mclarson shoot
him docile she was really sick she couldn’t go to school next week
sue add a cough in Dasia we said kappa with her nod at Lutece where can endow
kendo contender Kappa can hustling dudes better the baby had a calf and we had to
take him to the hospital next word Takaya means to vomit and enforce hi or
Indonesia we say that yeah class observe pattern that she ate a lot so she
vomited mmm next word at us or at assam and force her to sneeze and india we say
the same word but we said this way at us instead of hot assam say at us until
Memphis cleared so he could handle it man when the Muslims knees they say and
hamdulillah means thank God next word there were medicine and Fu’s
how we saved one laugh affection watch cadets dois please make sure she took
her medicine it’s Moroccan cities and modern I’d multibillion first sitting at
our Al Bayda Casablanca Indonesia would say that vada there the foot high word
and the deja world are are always close for the first the name of this for the
names of the cities Casablanca Medina’s we know like in
Fahad rotoma Casablanca is a beautiful city but is humid the word done by that
means at diamonds house and by that means white so white it literally means
white house next city re but rabbi endanger myself at a dumbbell or a Rabat
here Osman Almohad robot is the cup of Morocco flex city Morocco’s Marrakesh
in busan delicious a mirage Mirage – vaguely almalexia
Esmond but in a family for me Marrakech is the most beautiful city in Morocco
next city fast fast and we say we call it the same
thing Indonesia first Andina cream observe veneno Katia the first is an old
city is a very old city and its rich its rich culturally like city
shavon shavon some people in the region especially people from the north of
Morocco college showing as a like short form of shower
and lastly culo Alicia with el-medina Zaha people call Chicago in the blue
city it’s a beautiful place everyone should go there that was it for
the Moroccan cities I’ll see you next week and thank you for joining us bye

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  • ربيع رمضان اسدحمد says:

    تكلمى من فضلك العربى بالفصيح
    أنا من مصر ولا أفهم عاميتك

  • Zahra Khan says:

    is there any difference between moroccan Arabic and Arabic spoken in ksa?

  • abderrahim nachat says:

    that's good good luck

  • Positive Learner says:

    Hi, miss nice lecture.
    Please also tell us wording use in saudia Arabia and Dubai for the same word.

    It will increase the worth of your lecture as well as viewers.


  • 르시쿠 says:

    اللهجة المغربية صعبة جدا.
    لا تماثل الفصحى مطلقا….

  • 3Rab Al3rab says:

    يَا عيدُ مَا لَكَ مِنْ شَوْقٍ وَإيِراقِ
    وَمَرِّ طَيْفٍ عَلَى الأَهْوَالِ طَرَّاقِ
    يَسْرِي عَلَى الأيْنِ وَالحَيَّاتِ مُحْتَفِياً
    نَفْسِي فِداؤُكَ مِنْ سَارٍ عَلَى سَاقِ
    إنِّي إذَا خُلَّةٌ ضَنَّتْ بِنَائِلِها
    وَأَمْسَكَتْ بِضَعِيفِ الْوَصْلِ أَحْذَاقِ
    نَجَوْتُ مِنْهَا نَجَائِي مِنْ بَجِيلةَ إذْ
    أَلْقَيْتُ لَيْلَةَ خَبْتِ الرَّهْطِ أَرْوَاقِي
    لَيْلَةَ صَاحُوا وَأَغْرَوْا بِي سِرَاعَهُمُ
    بِالْعَيْكَتَيْنِ لَدَى مَعْدَى ابنِ بَرَّاقِ
    كَأَنَّمَا حَثْحثُوا حُصّاً قَوَادِمُهُ
    أَوْ أُمَّ خُشْفٍ بِذِي شَثٍّ وَطُبَّاقِ
    لا شَيْءَ أَسْرَعُ مِنِّي لَيْسَ ذَا عُذَرٍ
    وذا جَنَاحٍ بِجَنْبِ الرَّيْدِ خَفَّاقِ
    حَتَى نَجَوْتُ وَلَمَّا يَنْزِعُوا سَلَبي
    بِوَالِهٍ مِنْ قَبِيضِ الشَّدِّ غَيْدَاقِ
    وَلا أَقُولُ إذَا ما خُلَّةٌ صَرَمَتْ
    يَا وَيْحَ نَفْسِي مِنْ شَوْقٍ وَإشْفاقِ
    لكنَّما عَوَلِي إنْ كُنْتُ ذَا عَوَلٍ
    عَلَى بَصِيرٍ بِكَسْبِ الْحَمْدِ سَبَّاقِ
    سَبَّاقِ غَايَاتِ مَجْدٍ في عَشِيرَتِهِ
    مُرَجِّعِ الصَّوْتِ هَدّاً بَيْنَ أَرْفَاقِ
    عَارِي الظَّنَابِيبِ مُمْتدٍّ نَوَاشِرُهُ
    مِدْلاَجِ أَدْهَمَ وَاهِي الْمَاءِ غَسَّاقِ
    حَمَّالِ أَلْوِيَةٍ شَهَّادِ أَنْدِيَةٍ
    قَوَّالِ مُحْكَمَةٍ جَوَّابِ آفَاقِ
    فَذَاك هَمِّي وَغَزْوِي أَسْتَغِيثُ بِهِ
    إذَا اسْتَغَثتَ بِضَافِي الرَّأْسِ نَغَّاقِ
    كَالْحِقْفِ حَدَّأَهُ النَّامُونَ قلتُ لَهُ
    ذُو ثَلَّتَيْنِ وَذُو بَهْمٍ وَأَرْبَاقِ
    وَقُلَّةٍ كَسِنَانِ الرُّمْحِ بَارِزَةٍ
    ضَحْيَانَةٍ فِي شُهُورِ الصَّيْفِ مِحْرَاقِ
    بَادَرْتُ قُنَّتَهَا صَحْبِي وَمَا كَسِلُوا
    حَتَّى نَمَيْتُ إلَيْهَا بَعْدَ إشْرَاقِ
    لاَ شَيْءَ في رَيْدِها إلاَّ نَعَامَتُهَا
    مِنْهَا هَزِيمٌ وَمِنْهَا قَائِمٌ بَاقِ
    بِشَرْثَةِ خَلَقٍ يوقي الْبَنَانُ بِهَا
    شَدَدْتُ فِيها سَرِيحاً بَعْدَ إِطْرَاقِ
    بَلْ مَنْ لِعَذَّالَةٍ خَذَّالَةٍ أَشِبٍ
    حَرَّقَ باللَّوْمِ جِلْدِي أيَّ تَحْرَاقِ
    يَقُولُ أَهَلْكَتْ مَالاً لَوْ قَنِعْتَ بِهِ
    مِنْ ثَوْبِ صِدْقٍ وَمِنْ بَزٍّ وَأَعْلاَقِ
    عَاذِلَتِي إنَّ بَعْضَ اللَّوْمِ مَعْنَفةٌ
    وَهَلْ مَتَاعٌ وَإنْ أَبْقَيْتُهُ بَاقِ
    إنِّي زَعِيمٌ لَئِنْ لَمْ تَتْركُوا عَذَلِي
    أَنْ يَسْأَلَ الْحَيُّ عَنِّي أَهْلَ آفَاقِ
    أَنْ يَسْأَلَ الْقَوْمُ عَنِّي أَهْلَ مَعْرِفَةٍ
    فَلاَ يُخَبِّرُهُمْ عَنْ ثَابِتٍ لاَقِ
    سَدِّدْ خِلاَلَكَ مِنْ مَالٍ تُجَمِّعُهُ
    حَتَّى تُلاَقِي الَّذي كُلُّ امْرِىءٍ لاَقِ
    لَتَقْرَعَنَّ عَلَيَّ السِّنَّ مِنْ نَدَمٍ
    إذَا تَذَكَّرْتَ يَوْماً بَعْضَ أَخْلاَقِي

  • gub says:

    please say the sentences slowly

  • Felipe Araujo says:

    Can't you vocalize texts?

  • Seba Себастьян M says:

    Absolutely superb this video and so useful….Please keep making videos about darija like this one. I really learn much thanks to you

  • Marwa Daher says:

    مدرسة فاشلة. انا ك سورية ولغتي الام العربية ما فهمت شي عليكي !!! ف كيف عم تعلمي لناس ما بيعرفو شي عن العربي او لسا عم يتعلمو جديد؟؟؟ لازم تعلميهم الفصحة يا ذكية او لهجة عامية واضحة!!!!حرام عليكي انتي شو دين لهجتك! ؟
    how unsuccessful teacher you are. as an arab and syrian I don't understand anything you said even though my mother tongue is arabic. how are you teaching that to non-arabic people ????? wise girl you should teach them standard arabic or at least a clear slang accent !! that's a shame how strange your accent is !!

  • Jeff Jin says:

    Just before it rains, look at the sky, you may be able to see lightning.

  • bmp4248 says:

    Very helpful! I have been studying Moroccan Darija for almost 5 months now. SO HARD! But I love watching these for a bit of extra exposure.

  • zakaria fahmi says:

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  • Sword of God says:

    Moroccan "arabic" is not arabic maybe it should be called "moroccan language" but not arabic cause this language is a mix between berber, punic languages and influence from arabic.

  • Armen Ali says:

    معرفتش اشمن مدينة نتي ولكن حنا كنقولو لعاصفة

  • MFL Teacher Kerry A K Francis says:

    Thank you for this video. the arabic writing is so foreign to me. How many letters or characters are there??

  • Zaryab Amin says:

    I wish somebody can help me learn Moroccan Arabic 🙁

  • Junior Ferreira says:

    Je prefer etudier le français pour parler avec les arabes parce que le arabe marocan est trés dificile pour moi.

  • untramwaydanslenez says:

    C'est super d'avoir la comparaison avec l'arabe classique et d'avoir des exemples de phrases. Merci !

  • subscribes says:

    Is the first showing of the word MSA arabic and then it shows the moroccan way? Or is it a different dialect then moroccan way?

  • NICK MED says:

    That was your informative post, here are a few more tips on how to learn Arabic…
    Set realistic goals, don’t just dive in and say “I want to be fluent Arabic within 1 year”, give yourself short term goals which lead up to long term goals. E.g. Short Term Goal = “I want to learn all about this topic in 1 month” and Long Term Goal = “I aim to be able to speak about at least 12 topics within the next 12 months
    Make time, you will need to set some time aside, preferably on a daily basis, so you can achieve your goal. I highly recommend blocking out actual time on your calendar every day and really commit to this. Think of it as an appointment with your doctor that you wouldn’t consider missing. That is exactly how you should treat this task. As little as 20 minutes a day is a great start.
    Immerse yourself in the language, meet Arabic speaking friends, listen to the radio, watch a show on TV, and try to read the newspaper. Even if you do not 100% understand the content, keep it as a daily exercise and you will eventually make sense of it all. The other great news is this listening exercise is the only way to improve your accent. Your brain will process all the information and you will notice the improvement with time.
    Have a practice buddy, keep yourself motivated and accountable by practicing Arabic with a friend. It is always a good strategy to practice the language with someone who is fluent and non-judgmental. I have a friend who practices Arabic with me and I practice English with her.
    (I learned about these and more on Mirykal lingo guide site )

  • haziq halim says:

    Thanks for the video! Morroccan Arabic is so nice, and similar to Fusha and Egyptian Arabic..the video is very informative..It's a good video for those who already have a good grasp of MSA and Egyptian Arabic.

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    شكرا على الفيديو الرائع 🙂 لكن هناك بعض الكلمت في الامثلة محتاجة توضضيح

  • Abdel Arfaoui says:

    Hello friends,

    This is to let you know that I published my Moroccan Arabic ( darija) and its culture: First level course on an online learning site called Udemy to help others acquire basic communicative language skills and to have a basic knowledge about Moroccan culture to effectively communicate with native Moroccan speakers and integrate into the Moroccan society.

    Take a minute to view my course trailer videos here : https://www.udemy.com/draft/1501732/… and see if it’s something you’d like to take in your free time. And of course, feel free to share with colleagues via email, LinkedIn, and Facebook because I’d like to reach as many people with this as possible.


  • 1819 ENGLISH DEPT S8A L says:

    we want more!

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    You teachs so intersty and you have more atrackted & betiful

  • WAFAA WAFAA says:

    Learn moroccan turkish coréen english and french in my Channel in YouTube ?

  • Abdel Arfaoui says:


    Join Now more than 70 students to Speak #Darija easily and effectively!



  • Abdel El karami says:

    Morocco is nt arabic ?

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    هذا سيء جداً

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    Hi. I plan to come to morrocco next month. Can you tell me the translation of some phrases please
    – can you go to hotel
    – when will train come
    – when will bus go
    – can you tell me
    – do you know the hotel
    – how do I go to hotel
    – what is time
    – can I have bread
    – what is the price of bread
    – I will buy bread
    – how far is hotel
    Thanks for the translation


    انتي بتعلمي اللهجة الجزائرية هذا خطأ كبير

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