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learn arabic azhar

learn arabic azhar

May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you . My name is Yassin shalaby I received many Question From people don’t like online learning and wanna come here in Egypt And study Arabic Language in Al Azhar. If you are interested about that . in sha allah that video will help you let’s start with requirements You must apply for the placement test for $ 50. And get with you a copy of your passport and Two photographs. Second : Level Fees Placement Test $ 50 Level price is $ 320 U.S. Third it’s about Study System The Level is for a month and a half.
(120 hours distributed as follows ) ; “4 hours a day – 20 hours per week”),except Friday and Saturday On Friday and Saturday the school day divided into two periods:- The first : From eight in the morning to noon, the second period from one pm to fifth evening. The student level determined as a result of placement test, and then ends until the tenth level or by the student’s desire. Hours of study is divided into four skills (reading – listening – writing – speaking). Sure You will receive a Certificate approved by the Centre. Here’s all contact informations you may need Email ,phone Number and website Finally if you come egypt one day To study or to visit interesting places in Egypt And need Any help No problem Give me a call and in sha allah i will help you. Egypt is really Beautiful Country I have a blog about Egypt By the way. See all links in Video Details Fe aman allah Take care

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