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Learn Arabic – Arabic Alphabet Made Easy – Sin and Shin

Learn Arabic – Arabic Alphabet Made Easy – Sin and Shin

I’ll not become
annacarl welcome to Arabic quad 101.com of Judea made easy the fastest easiest
and most fun way to learn the Arabic alphabet the ABS ADEA in the last class
and we practiced reading and writing all the letters we’ve learned so far we also
learn the three basic vowing signs in Arabic from now on we are going to write
the words we learn with vowel ink so get ready let’s go in this lesson we’ll
continue with two letters from the first group meaning that they have English
counterparts which is good news for us those are seen and seen let’s start with
scene seeing sounds just like the English s it’s very easy to pronounce
let’s see how it’s written here’s the isolated version scene now let’s see the rest of the letter
forms initial medial and final let’s write them scene the next letter we learn is chin this
one is pronounced just like the English in the word shovel this one is very easy
as well it looks just like the scene except that it has three dots on top in
a triangular formation like the that we learned in lesson two
let’s write it down in the isolated form Xin now let’s see the rest of the forms
initial medial final here’s how to write them Xin note how scene and Sheen dip underneath
the line when they are in the isolated and final forms just like the noon we
learned in the first lesson of this series now let’s learn some words using
these two letters and the letters we learned before first we have SIL meaning
secret scene is in the initial form with a castra beneath connected to rat in the
final form here’s how to write it sir the next word we have is charriba it
means to drink Sheen is in the initial form with a fat hat on top connected to
LA in the final form with a castra beanies then BA in the isolated form
writing time sherry ba now it’s time for Carol’s tips taking
note of letters that Denise the line and letters that don’t can help improve your
handwriting the letters we learn so far that the beneath the line are da Zayn in
older forms and noon seen seen in their isolated and final forms also it’s best
to practice on lined paper not blank paper for more structured handwriting
next time we learn two letters that look alike
however they are challenging to pronounce I’ll get you through them in
the next of the DIA made easy lesson take care Pelham

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