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they would have been doing the Farsi vs.
arabic language challenge so I speak Farsi I speak Arabic and he speaks I hey
guys good morning how’s it going I hope you are having a wonderful fantastic day
I’m starting this vlog today in the car because it’s currently 10:30 a.m. and my
mom has a doctor’s appointment so I’m taking her to appointment and then after
that I’m going to be doing the language challenge with my friend Ali who speaks
Arabic I speak Farsi so yeah I stay seated because today’s gonna be a packed
day and I hope you guys love this vlog you guys just finished for my mom’s
appointment and now we’re here at this one restaurant I’m sure you got time for
two salad which I already ate it all from shwarma over here and guys Holly all right guys I’m finally home
thankfully the doctor said there’s nothing major wrong with my mom so
appointment went gray anyway I’m gonna be going over to my friends house soon
so we can record a video for his channel or did you guys see the difference the
Sun just came out but yeah after that we’re going to record the language
challenge which I’m really really excited for because the last time I did
a language challenge you guys seem to really like it so this time I’m gonna do
it again but it’s gonna be our big and Farsi so yeah let’s get started just
walking over to my friend’s house right now I have my laptop with me and
everything I didn’t know you lives this close to me and actually record a video
right by his house that’s his house I literally record my video right here
I’ll show you guys a preview is so much fun I got my fresh new clothes a few
moments later all right guys I have just finished recording the video for Ali’s
channel it should be up in a few days right now I’m just waiting for my friend
Ali to come so that we can record the Arabic for his Farsi language challenge
oh wait that might be him are you ready Today we’re going to be doing the Farsi vs. Arabic language challenge challenge so I speak Farsi I speak
Arabic and he speaks Arabic I’m excited for this video we’ve been doing other
videos before so stay tuned for that end of this video because I’m gonna explain
everything about it so let’s just get right into it all right so the first
category we’re going to be doing is colors so who sucks for you no actually
he’s the guest so he goes first so he goes we’re gonna be playing for points
and lose their house et stuff is what they’re actually so hot very small oh
yeah so whoever loses the have to have one of these puppies basically it’s
gonna be you well the first category we’re going to
be doing was actually colors so first color I’m gonna be having you guesses us
would ask web thanks Wyatt red nah bucks I got color to change how I choose is OB
Oh obvious it’s not a name aspect I’m not the father
oh my god there’s a name in there oh yeah I forgot all the colors sounds what
is it satis ah yeah it’s a colored road are you gonna think yellow us fun that’s
fun easy so guys oh no purple that such as what’s the
call mr. Khan my leg yeah are you gonna go check out the mom gonna stay regular
this avoid my next color is gonna be as thorough as the daimyo they also huh
I’ll tell you all of them sorry Angela same thing
nah okay ready yeah sippy sippy see we can get sober huh sober no no our night
great know what Oh Sophie Dwight keep this one you’re not gonna guess is that
that why am I gonna guess it cuz you’re not as well not stink okay guys because
like both of us can’t get these colors can get these right yeah I can get these
colors right we’re gonna have like options I can only do a test you have
ABCD so gonna give each other options and let’s see if we do better this time
okay definitely what is it exactly they eat taffy yeah they can be it got
there okay so the options are back pink right and romantic romantic yeah you
ordered option oh great okay oh oh yeah I know it’s not great cuz it like okay
Brown good good I just great what I did man you know why because when I said as soon
as I said oh it’s not great because you just learn like that you should like a
fire Yahtzee sound like you’re acting with weird okay see ya
see ya options are green yellow it’s like six or seven years ago we used to
swim together and he taught me all the Arabic numbers I remember oh now we
can’t do numbers because I know all that I’ve become it thanks to you okay blue
categories for animals yeah animals yeah okay I already the first animal or twos
is hot what is it it’s like a land animal so you won’t find it under water
or in water an animal turtles the first place Oh what color is it
what color is it I can’t use a little of it Middle East I think you can find it
here too but it’s great that’s the last thing I’m giving you bro a great it’s
great yeah land animal that’s great yeah come on in so there’s only like a couple
Oh there’s barely any of them here no
there’s only a couple Landon will very great yeah I know exactly good but
usually fire in the Middle East and people put stuff on it carry around oh
my god do you want anymore hi-yah hi-yah yeah it’s a landing it’s like a land
animal yeah okay what colors if someone does like send a friend gone
it’s gonna tell you the biggest hint no friends backstops you he don’t tell him
go tell me oh are you gonna be the biggest single snake yeah feel I’m gonna
say Osborne House for is Mustangs the next animal is she don’t go giving
it no okay so it’s a land animal doesn’t have like clubs on it yeah okay yeah
sick people use disclose maybe it goes really fast
oh the Jaguar no sheared you know it’s funny because Shearer has three meanings
in Farsi if not for I don’t know the fourth one the first ones lying
the second one is milk and shears that tap as well did hot water tap we all
stay she why are you lying why why you always right so alright guys so right
now it’s a tie let’s just split it okay we’re gonna split it guys follow it
one that’s what I’m hoping will nice all do follow that yell I’m going oh no these are actually good
would you put it yeah I don’t you just put it up no don’t you see this all this alright guys so we’re done with this
video I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure give it a big big
thumbs up the expose guy right over here you get all the answers but yeah I
assure you guys give it a big big thumbs up and thanks to Annie aka Lebanese
poppy for being in this video he also has his own channel and we do a lot of
good news together his leg will be in description below and like as you guys
see the video that we have right here in this section over here is the one who
did in the bathtub the ice bath challenge so make sure you guys go over
to his channel and check that video out give it a big thumbs up subscribe to his
channel yeah alright guys so thank you so much and I’m till the next video guys
please okay so the next word is blank ha ha

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