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Labneh Za’atar Recipe (Arabic Recipe) By Dailycious Diner

Labneh Za’atar Recipe (Arabic Recipe) By Dailycious Diner

Hello guys today I’m going to share a very
delicious Arabic recipe of Lebnah and zaatar.It is very famous in Saudi Arabia and it is very
delicious recipe today I’m going to make it at home so guys let’s make it First of all
we will make our dough so for making dough we will need all purpose flour .I will take
a big bawl and I will put all purpose flour into it , Add 1 1/2 teaspoons Brown sugar
2 tablespoon of Pinch of salt in 2 tablespoons of instant yeast mixed with water .mix it
well and kneaded at least for 30 minutes .The dough is ready I’m going to rest it for 30
minutes you can take rest for 2 hours at least I’m going to use ready made zatar mixture from the market and I’m using Turkish labneh .I’m
going to add 2 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of butter mixture and mix it
well . Now I’m going to take two pans 7 inches and
I will spread my dough into 2 equal parts in the pan. I will make small cuts by using folk into
my dough now I will spread my zatar mixture in one pan and spread it very well and now
I’m going to spread Turkish labneh into my another pen . there is a tip you have to Preheat
your oven for 20 minutes. On your lower grill and upper grill and set
the temperature for 7 minutes it all depends on your oven that how long it takes time. Now I’m going to put my Labneh First into
oven and set the temperature for 7 minutes . lebna is ready now. Now I will put my zatar into over for 7 minutes
. So guys lebnah And zatar are ready they are
very delicious it’s a very famous recipe in Saudi Arabia you guys must trythis recipe
at home usually when we eat labneh we spread honey over it, It enhanced the taste of lebnah. so guys don’t forget to subscribe my channel
and like my video do share it with your friends and families see you soon with another delicious
recipe till then bye bye

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