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La fois où… Francine et Serge font LA sauce tomate 🍅 ♥️

La fois où… Francine et Serge font LA sauce tomate  🍅 ♥️

Honey, we’ve been married three and a half months, and here we are, doing the Valentine’s Day video! – Already, huh? Time flies. Unbelievable, isn’t it? – Not too long, is it? – No, it’s fine. Things are good. – The pasta, like in “Lady and the Tramp”. – “Lady and the Tramp”… Are you the lady? – Yeah!
– And I’m the tramp? Ah… The tramp offers you roses! – Oh honey, you thought of that! – Yes! – Thank you, my love! Thank you! Today, we decided to make you my tomato sauce, which I’ve been making for many years, for every occasion. What you need are the right ingredients. Don’t think of using oil that’s not good quality… You need good tomatoes, lots of garlic, salt, a good oil. We have an oil from Les Enfants Terribles with basil. Let’s add some. You have to add plenty, because you have to sauté the garlic so that its flavour blends with the oil, and then we add our tomatoes. You need to add garlic. – Quebec garlic, too. – Garlic, good ingredients! If you’re in a hurry, if your friends call and say, “we’re coming for dinner”, I stir it, I let it cook, in 20 to 30 minutes, it’s ready. But the way I make it as often as possible is to simmer it for five hours, over very low heat. It becomes like a stew, gets even tastier. So my love has added his tomatoes. – I added them gently so they don’t splash everywhere… – Especially as I’m wearing a white blouse. – Exactly. – Give it a good stir. Add salt. You need to add a good amount of salt. We’ll cook the pasta. Remember: before adding the pasta, once again, the secret is you need to add salt. Plenty of salt. It gives the flavour. – Did you also add water? – We add our pasta. Stir well so that it doesn’t stick. That’s super important. You need to crush the tomatoes. Don’t puree them in a blender because all the nice chunks of garlic will disappear. That’s not what we want. – You’re right. Continue.. – I want basil. Stop eating that and give me some nice basil, plenty of basil. We’re almost at the end. Give it a good stir. You can add some pepper. Personally, I don’t use too much. I add more when it’s time to serve. We’ll open our bottle of wine, serve our pasta, and then we’ll enjoy. What’s important is to first add sauce to the plate. Now I’ve tossed my pasta. I’ll add some sauce, like that. Then we add the cheese. We add the pepper. Here I’m adding more pepper. Put it in the middle, like that. Simple, not long. All we need is a glass of wine, my love! – A glass of wine. So who would have told you, that for twelve and a half, thirteen years, you would make pasta with me like that? – Yes! Lady and the Tramp! – We don’t even have the same! We’re no movie stars! Here, taste it!

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