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KWN International Exchange, UAE KWN Team Visits Japan

Kid Witness News prizewinners from the United Arab Emirates traveled to Japan in August to visit a KWN participating school. Some of the students from Sumiyoshi Junior High School, which is attached to Kobe University, dressed in traditional summer Yukata to welcome the visitors from Al Majid Model School, a boys’ junior high school in the Sharjah Emirate. Al Majid Model School’s video “Clean Inside” won the 2009 Best KWN Video Award in the UAE. Its theme is that a clean and beautiful environment requires everyone to think about not only their immediate surroundings, but also public spaces and the community. The schools exchanged gifts. Al Majid Model School made a gift of traditional Arab clothing. In return, Sumiyoshi Junior High School presented the visitors with traditional Japanese “Jinbei” casual summer wear. The Japanese students wrote the names of the UAE teachers and students in Japanese calligraphy, In exchange, the UAE students wrote the names of the Japanese students in Arabic. They also enjoyed spinning tops. Everyone tried some dates, a traditional Arab snack, and Japanese sweet bean jelly and “Okaki” rice crackers. Perhaps the “Okaki” were a bit too salty. Then it was outside for a science experiment. Everyone enjoyed making soap bubbles using ‘uchiwa’ fan frames and wire hoops. All in all, it was a memorable day for all the students. Panasonic will continue providing children with opportunities for international exchange through the KWN program.

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