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Kuzgun + Dila [AU] || Dila Hamile (Arabic/English Subtitles)

She fainted suddenly, her eyes kind of darkened Blood pressure is very low Could she be..? I don’t know pregnant? Yes Congratulations! Did you really want a child in the middle of this mess? Look at what my eyes, what are they saying? I want Laughing suits you by the way You’ll be very surprised because I’m gonna be very beautiful while pregnant I’ve been watching you for a while You’ve got something that amazes a person in your every state girl Best thing I’ve heard! Her condition is difficult.. The Doctor said The doctor didn’t say something “could” happen He said there was a very good chance It means whatever happens happens If continuing this pregnancy means I lose you, then we end it Will you just please look at all the stuff you and I’ve survived together? I mean car crashes.. bullet wounds Are we really gonna let some doctor lay odds on us? Even if something does happen to me, you’re gonna be ok No You’re the only path I’ve got left What am I going to do with you? It’s enough to just love me What if I already love you? will always love you Kuzgun This is not ok, you have to take vitamins Don’t do this to me, please Dila, please I’m her husband She’s my wife she’s my childhood friend, she’s my everything doctor She’s gonna be ok, right? please It’s too early to say anything You’ll have to wait Dila Our baby is very ok She’s fine, right? Good, Thank God! We’re very lucky despite her early delivery Dila? She’s lost a lot of blood She’ll be under our observation for a while Dila, I’m so lonely after you From the first day I saw you I wanted to hide you I wanted to hide in you to have a family that I could love and give my soul to I was so scared something would’ve happened to you but you won’t go you won’t give up cause I love you I love you so much Now there’s no sleep for me till you open your eyes, you know that right? Come on, open your eyes and make us happy Dila You’re ok right? I’m not gonna be ok till I see my baby Which one is my baby? Here’s your baby I named her Güneş (Sun) The most beautiful Güneş I’ve ever seen Do you know? Dad! Good morning squirrel! If you left yourself to this dream Come on, to your mom It’s so beautiful I’m about to believe it What? Us Are you in? Our hearts will always beat for each other I’m in

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