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Koreans react to Saad Lamjarred – Salam (English & Arabic subtitle)

Koreans react to Saad Lamjarred – Salam (English & Arabic subtitle)

Hey guys! this is Steve & Jae we have a new video that many of you have requested it’s Salam by Saad Lamjarred! let’s not wait and check them out now! this is Salam by Saad Lamjarred I think he is an archeologist, excavating monuments this looks bit like a movie, the cinematography is amazing! I hear English? (Steve & Jae concentrating) I think this is a clip from a movie they just found something!
what is it? he just called him to hurry they are very serious, I can tell from the background music what is it? I see a horse,
what? it’s being erased I see letters coming on and off a Horse & Saad Lamjarred This was about the birth of Saad Lamjarred? or History?
huh?? was this about the history of Saad Lamjarred?
whatever it is, it is cool and I’m very interested. interestingly, he is speaking in English. wow I see a pretty lady here, I think this scene is very significant. why did they place the horse upside down? why is the horse hanging from the top? maybe it means that the horse is a powerful figure? so it means that Saad Lamjarred is the powerful, handsome figure in the entire world? maybe it could mean something like that okay looking good, from the very beginning it looks great! he is riding a horse
running towards a lady? look here, these people are waiting for Saad Lamjarred to arrive dancing. this is to celebrate that all handsome, mighty is here they are waiting for Saad so baaad! (Steve, Jae say something? our fans are waiting??>

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