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Korean try to study Arabic (Eng/Arabic sub)

Korean try to study Arabic (Eng/Arabic sub)

COREARAB Hello My name is Yong Today, I will started studying Arabic But, It was so difficult to me This is my book Can you see this? Very very very very very difficult So, I searched a song Like… Alphabet song ABCDEFG… And.. I found it ! BOOM So.. I will study Arabic with this song. Arabic Alphabet song. Okay Let’s go! What? replay hahaha Replay haha Again Is this right? …………….. Again Right? hahaha Again Repeat Repeat Ah… So… Really difficult Again, Again Okay, Cheer up! I can do it! Easy, Easy, It is easy. …………. Ah! Repeat! …….. I think… I am stupid.. I can’t remember this sound.. Why? Repeat It… was… Not easy.. Thank you~ So difficult to me I will practice with this video everyday I can do it myself with my book. Let’s Go ! It is so difficult I feel like a baby But.. After 2 months or 3 months I can speak Arabic a little I’m sure. I’m sure that. Thank you for watching my video~ See you next time~ I love you Good bye~~~~

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