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Korean try arabic food in Itaewon, Korea

Korean try arabic food in Itaewon, Korea

I heard there is an Arab cafe near Gyeongbokgung I’m going to Arab Cafe Let’s go together! The sun’s too strong Today guest Hi, I am Kyul Do you remember me? I want you to remember me forever I didn’t fell, I just exercised Yong ! Why are you sad? The cafe is gone.. There were no other Arab cafes.. So, Let’s go Arab restaurant ! Arab restaurant? Yes, Arab restaurant Itaewon! Let’s go Itaewon We came Itaewon for eating Arab food In fact, I tried to take video about Arab village And Arabic Cafe But We couldn’t I don’t know if they’re gone or we haven’t found them It’s hard Seoul life I am tired.. I’m hungry.. Me too So, I think we can feel more delicious It’s not the entrance. It’s over there! This is menu Salad, Bread, Sandwiches Side dish Here’s a lot of menu Main dishes Curry! What do you want to eat? My Arab friend recommended to me Falafel, Mutabil.. We should eat Have you tried Hummus? No, I haven’t tried Hummus So, We should eat Hummus Shakshuka, Shall we try this? What does it look like? Let’s eat! I don’t know what this is We can eat it all, right? And Drink! What is Lassi? Mango lassi.. Juice? I think juice or smoothie.. So, Let’s drink plain lassi I like plain Yes, We should eat basical thing Can you eat it all? Foods came out! Onion & Lamb Wow…! smell !! What is this? Mutabil? Hummus Falafel? Wow It looks so delicious And Arabic bread Let’s eat Falafel (I’m sorry. The restaurant was a little noisy) What’s in this? I think.. Curry.. vegetable? This is too dry Plain Lassi! It’s a familiar taste I will teach you how to eat Place Arabic bread on a plate on a plate.. Tear off it with your hands Tear off it with my hands Open up! Why isn’t it opening? Why isn’t it opening? Like this.. Put the lamb in here Put in.. Add the hummus Add the hummus Put it in your mouth Put it in my mouth My jaws hurt Delicious.. Delicious.. This lamb is delicious It tastes like lamb cooked in Korean style Next turn is Mutabil Mutabil I think Mutabil is more delicious Something is different Which do you like more? Mutabil Me too This time, I’m going to eat only lamb It’s delicious just with lamb Honestly, The lamb is the best Okay, So.. We are going to eat We added cheese Arabic bread Arabic bread + Cheese powder We can eat almost everything because you are here Whenever I eat Arab food, I left food You always left Korean food too I am full There are some leftovers Let’s play rock-paper-scissors and eat all the leftovers I will eat this Why did we do this? I almost threw up Anyway… We ate all This price is.. 40$ I think Arabic food in Korea is expensive Real Arab food is cheaper and tastier How was it? It was delicious and I had a really good meal It was time to know more about Arab food Let’s come and eat again next time I enjoyed Arab food Why did he play rock, paper, scissors at the end? I forgot all the delicious stuff

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