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Korean react to Saudi arabia actress (Arabic sub)

Korean react to Saudi arabia actress (Arabic sub)

COREARAB! Hello~ I’m Yong. I hurted here. because I shaved. bleeding.. Uncomfortable. I can not open my mouth. Today… Many people said me “React Saudi Arabia actress” I was sorry.. last video Some were not Egyptian actresses. So, I searched Google today. “Saudi arabia actress” I wonder who’s coming out. called Ahd Uhm~ She is Ahd she looks a little old. I wonder what she looked like when she was young. She is so pretty in this photo. She has cute face. In spite of she is older than me Ahd Kamel=Cute sister This photo has good feeling. her own feeling she has pretty forehead. This photo too. pretty forehead She has a pretty forehead, but she also has a pretty picture of her head covering her forehead. This dress looks really good. Wow! Eyes color… There is no this eye color in korea. Almost never. Never. Korean has Brown, Black eye. Some Korean has Yellow eye. Her Eyes… So pretty The hair tie is pretty. She did a great job on Instagram. She is speaking English well. She looks smart. Fatima AlBanawi=Smart sister Why ? Here’s a mole. Her spots are attractive. very… She looks solemn. I’m sorry. You looks like strong. Is this hair? She looks very good in traditional clothes. Reem Abdullah=strong sister She doesn’t have many pictures. She is pretty. Here… I typed “Hind Mohammed” on the Google. I don’t know this young girl. I think she is not Hind Mohammed. Her too. Really.. Her too. I’m confused. I can see only this picture. She looks cool. Eyes, Nose, Mouth are big. I like big mouth girl Hind Mohammed=cool sister Oh~ So… Your eyes are really big. Wow this photo… 1..2..3..4..5.. Her eyes are one-third the size of her face. I love this kind of eyes. She is prettier than this picture. Her eyes are really big. I think her eyesight is good. because of Big… Nermin Mohsen=Hawkeye sister Oh she…. She…is This song is Hosny’s song. I told her “Don’t cry…” Nice to meet her Pretty.. She is… The face Koreans will like. Yes I think like that. Oh~~~~~~~~~ The face Koreans will like. Pretty~ This dress looks good on you! Aseel omran=Don’t cry sister Wow, Is she model? Uh? so…. She looks handsome..? I want this hair. Her hair. So…. Pretty but handsome So pretty~ she looks handsome in this photo. She looks pretty in this photo. She looks pretty She looks handsome in this photo. What is this…? by any chance… Do you have brother? She’s a charming person. When she smiled… When she smiled, she is so cute This sister is today’s my best Aiysha hart sister I like this mood. Okay. Today’s best is Aiysha hart. All ladies are so pretty. But she is my type. They’re all Saudi Arabia, aren’t they? I searched on Google. Thank you for watching my video. I will be back with better video.

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