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Korean react to morocco tik tok (Arabic sub)

Korean react to morocco tik tok (Arabic sub)

COREARAB! Hello, My name is Yong I will see Morocco Tik tok Many people recommended me Syria Tik tok, Iraq Tik tok. After watch Morocco Tik tok, I will watch Iraq, Syria. I’m sorry for people who don’t like tiktock. Many people want me to watch Tik Tok. Let’s go? 3 2 1 What is it? Bear? Cat? Again her Cute What is it? What’s mean? Why cry? Why cry?? Don’t cry This sister’s car is awesome. It was excited. She looks sleepy That’s her! I’m putting in the chords. Same lady? She is pretty when she smiles. She seems to had something good to do Salah?? ?????? Her camera skills are good. He is man, but looks pretty. This guy… I saw him! Right. I saw him. Morocco SWAG~ Are they twins? What is this song? I like it I think I saw her.. Dancing machine She looks Korean. How to do this.. What? Morocco Cap! This baby is cute. I know how it feels. She is good at singing. Sky is beautiful SWAG~ I like it. There was a lot of fun. I like a video of a man and a woman changing clothes. It’s really amazing to see a culture that’s different from Korea. I’m getting more and more and more. Thank you See you later~ Goodbye~

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