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Korean react to Egyptian Tiktok 2019 (Arabic Sub)

Korean react to Egyptian Tiktok 2019 (Arabic Sub)

COREARAB! Hello My name is Yong Today… TIKTOK I know you guys know Tiktok Name is Tiktok arabic best musically challenge. In 2019 I will watch this. I saw Korean tiktok, Chinese tiktok. Arab tiktok is my first time. I am expecting So…… Let’s go! I’m already excited. This Adidas suits her. Oh! WOW~ WOW~~ WOW~~ WOW~~~ Watch again WOW~ Oh this song!! I know this song!! Anyway, she is pretty What? How to do this? Easy Eyebrows are difficult. Wow pretty… WOW Watch again I like her mouth Pretty It is Same song Nurse? or Doctor? Cute couple~ They are cute~ I guess this song is famous. Cute~ Look at the doll in the back. I’m scared. Did you see that? Scared… What is mean this song? Many people like this song. I can remember this song. So cute Is it over already? They’re all good at dancing. I’m sorry that the video is too short. All of them are pretty. I’ve seen it well. Satisfied. It’s like people who live their lives in fun. I watched Arab Tiktok. I was so excited If you know another funny Tiktok, Tell me. I will watch Thank you for watching my video. I will be back with better video. Good bye~~

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