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Korean react to Egypt actress (Arabic sub)

Korean react to Egypt actress (Arabic sub)

COREARAB! Nice meet you guys! My name is Yong. I will react to Egyptian actress. I often saw foreigners’ reactions to Korean actresses. I was curious. I am curious about Egyptian actresses. For this reason, I will react. It will be just my personal opinion. I do not represent Korea. My personal thoughts. My personal type First is… She has no weight on her cheeks. I like this. She looks like a statue. I think she is a little old. I think She was a beauty in her day. Second.. Her eyes color is so pretty. She looks… mysterious…? Yes She looks mysterious. 3 She was Miss Egypt. I don’t think I can talk to her. 4 She’s a traditional-looking woman. I mean… traditional…? Ancient! Ancient..? I don’t know what i am saying. Her eyes are big. All of them have big eyes. I have small eyes. So, I like big eyes girl. 5 I like these lips very much. Thick lips. Her lips looks like…. Hollywood Actress, Angelina Jolie lips. Her lips are attractive. She looks pretty when she smiles. I like big mouth. 6 Her nose is so high! If she is my old sister, I would be scolded a lot by her. That feeling. 7 This picture… This is my type. Cute~ My best 8 She has nice body. She exercised very hard. Her charm is here. What do you call this place in English? When you laugh, here.. Valley In anyways, Here is her chram point. 9 She looks exotic. 10 I think she’ll be friendly. she seems to like a joke There are so many pretty ladies in Egypt. Today’s my best is…. This Lady Mona abu hamez How do I end the video? I will be back with better video! Goodbye~~

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