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Korean react to Algeria tik tok (Arabic sub)

Korean react to Algeria tik tok (Arabic sub)

COREARAB! HELLO My name is Yong I watched Egypt Tik tok at last video. Today, I will watch Algeria video Many people wrote comments “Algeria Tik tok” I don’t know well about Algeria So, I wonder Ok, Let’s get it. 3 2 1 Pretty~ Father & Daughter This… The man in the back is playing the piano. A familiar face What did he say? What? He dropped it. He is handsome. He is good at dancing~ I know this song! His eyes color are Pretty!! WOW! Is he Johnny Depp? WOW He is really same~~ what is she doing? OBAMA? It was so excited song. His eyes color is really beautiful~~~ Wow… What color is this? He is man but he looks pretty At the last video, Egypt Tik tok was… Almost girl. They were good at dancing Algeria Tik tok has so many funny people I felt so funny Every country has a different feeling. Next video is… I will watch Saudi arabia Tik tok. Good bye~~

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