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Korean man writes the Arabic alphabet (Eng sub)

Korean man writes the Arabic alphabet (Eng sub)

Welcome back my channel… haha Welcome back my channel This is Yongsworl…. I say “Yongsworl” You say “D” Yongs Wo..Yongs.. Yongsworl Yongsworl Thank you Today, this screen is so bright, right? Because.. Now, I take video at day Almost video were taken at night I sleep during the day, and stay active at night I’m OWL I will try to write Arabic Alphabet today Do you remember I sang alphabet song? you know?? So, Today I will write Arabic Alphabet Let’s go! First It’s so easy So easy! because I am studying Arabic Next, Right? This right? Next, Oh my god.. It looks like smile, So cute Next, So easy Next, Easy, Next! Right? It looks like.. Next, Right? Something’s wrong. Next, Actually, I don’t know what different Wow~ It looks like so cute This looks like.. Baby birds “Mom” “Give me a” “Give me a” “feed, Give me a feed” “Mom” I can’t pronounce this word Is this end? Next, Actually, I don’t know what’s different from It looks like “j” Same, Same, j 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, This looks like.. Fork, Fork Fork, Fork, Bean, 3 Beans 1,2,3 1,2,3, 1,2,3 3 Beans 3 Beans 3 Beans Good, Good, Good Next, I think this is a little difficult Right? I don’t know how to write This… Is this right? Next, Oh! I think this is correct I know! I know! Right? Right? By the way, It looks like whale Next, Right? 3… 3 mouse Next, First, You should paint one mouse It has long mustache And… one bean No, No, No Right? It looks like.. Hip.. Next, Right? It looks like “L” It looks like so difficult Oh my god.. last.. It looks like eyes Do you know this? “nun” is eyes in Korean Amazing.. I was so curious this. So many people replied this This Then, I didn’t know this So, I thought “What is this? It looks like fish” So, I thought ” Uhm~ Arabs like fish~” But, now I know Right? Wow! Fantastic baby The end. Ok, So.. I will try to paint with Arabic alphabet First, Oh so cute! so cute! Sorry, I’m not trying to make fun of Arabic Just, I love Arabic I like Arabic. So, I’m studying Arabic Thank you for watching my video~ See you next time!

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