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Korean Man Challenges Difficult Arabic Sentences

Korean Man Challenges Difficult Arabic Sentences

Welcome back my channel~ This is Yongsworl… D! So many people love my top 10 hardest pronounce Arabic word
video. This. Thank you So! So!! So!!! So!!!!! Today I will challenge Hardest Arabic sentence I already tried Arabic alphabet, Arabic words, Now, Arabic sentence time. These days, I’m studying Arabic. So I think it’ll be easy. Yeah, Let’s Go! Oh~ So long sentence. Let’s listen together Is this right sentence? Listen again Slo… Slow Ok, Slowly challenge, okay. Let’s go! I think short sentences are better than this I can’t this I can’t talk this. unbelievable. Okay next. I can do it! Yong! You can do it. Ok, Let’s go! Okay. Listen again~ Okay. Next I can’t do this too I will try it this time. Really really ! okay Let’s listen together Okay. Okay, I Can do it It’s so easy Sorry… I know, I know I know how to speak! This sounds like this to me. Fail.. Sorry.. It’s okay! Because we have next sentence Ok, Next~ Lets’ go! Slowly~ Ok, Listen just one more time. Next! ( I shouldn’t do this. ) I need to easier sentence than this (Searching) This sentence looks so easy Okay listen~ Slowly~ Ok, I can! I can pronounce this Sorry… Today, I will find a sentence that I can pronounce. Come on. Oh!! I find it! I find it~! I can do this! easy easy easy easy. That’s easy. Success! Wow. Wow. In fact, I’m not Korean. I am Arabs. This sentence is used in a this situation Oh nice to meet you where I’m from. Nice meet you too~ I’m from Arab. Oh?? Really? You look like a Korean~ So, Tell me something Arabic Oh! You are Arab.. Sorry.. This sentence is short~ I can do it Okay, I can do Success~ Success~ The more I do, The more confident I become Let’s listen together I will try first sentence again. Okay, I will try this! I felt something today again. Something is… Arabic is so difficult. My video editing skills are improving Not my Arabic skills Oh My god! No!! But, Today I was so fun The sentence make me laugh. It’s hard to make me laugh, but these made me laugh Thank you.. thank you for watching my video. See you next time. Did you turn off the video Not yet? I love you. Thank you.

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