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Korean Learn Arabic Number

Korean Learn Arabic Number

Welcome back my channel This is Yongsworl… Ok, Today… Ah! I’ve seen something very interesting. Arab numbers were different. Korea uses Arabic numbers like this Of course I thought Arabs would use Arabic numbers, too. But Arabs use different numbers. So, I will study Arabic number today Yes. Arabic studying is fun These days, I study Arabic. So this will be easy. I’m not who I used to be. Upgrade Yong You like it? ‘Shukran’=Kamsahabnida(Thank you) in Korea I think it’s hard to memorize these things to memorize. But.. With song, it is easier to memorize. Music start! Oh my god… So.. So fast! I can do this, right? I will try to sing this song Again, Arabic number song,Challenge! Why is this so difficult? Challenge! Challenge! Challenge! Arabic number song Korean ver. Start! Arabic number song Korean ver. Start! Arabic number song Korean ver. Start! It’s not this beat. I’m satisfied. Ok, Thank you for watching my video See you next time!

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