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Korean guy try Arabic food (English subtitle)

Korean guy try Arabic food (English subtitle)

Hi, You guys ! I went out to try Arab food today. Let’s go I’m nervous because it’s my first experience. I’m on my way to the restaurant by taxi. I arrived This is the only Arab restaurant in Jeju. Halal Restaurant Chicken Kabsa Rice Lamb Kabsa Rice Lamb Soup with Kabsa or Flat bread I don’t know what to eat I don’t know what to eat x2 Lamb soup with Kabsa Arab tea. I will try these. I ordered Lamb soup, Kabsa and Jamika juice I am waiting for food I am so expecting. This is my first time It’s an Arab restaurant, so there’s an Arab song. The props here also have an Arabic feeling. I moved to the roof. Here is so cool. It feels different. Jjajan(Boom) This is Jamika juice This is Lambsoup This is Kabsa I think this is sauce.. The smell of food… I want to eat ASAP Jjajan (Boom) What should I eat first? I will eat first juice. Jamika juice Okay, Next Lamb soup This taste is more familiar than I thought. I had expected the smell to be very strong. Sauce in the Kabsa The rice looks unusual. Words cannot express it. Okay, Lamb meat Uhm~ Delicious Very delicious Really delicious I’ve never videotaped myself eating. I don’t know what to do, what to say Do you want to see this? Kabsa Uhm….What.. Spicy tomato sauce? Actually, I was really nervous. Try Arabic food..? I thought the food smell was strong. But it’s delicious. I want to go to many Arab restaurants. But there is only one place in Jeju Island. Arab restaurant If you live in Jeju Island, you can hear the sounds of airplanes every day. The sound of the plane wakes me up. Mosquito I feel good eating on the roof. Actually, I was really worried… Because I’m not a big eater. For this reason, I thought how can I make this fun? But… The food is delicious, so I can eat it deliciously. But Kabsa is a little bland to me. Potato ( I was fighting with insects ) Potato I think this will be not bland If I do like this. Let’s put the lamb soup in Kabsa. Put.. like this.. and eat! This is Korea Kabsa Delicious This is Haejangguk (Korea Soup after drink) . I don’t like drink But I think it would be nice to have this After drinking. Dessert is Jamika Juice Color is… carrot? I can feel Orange.. Pine apple Delicious Clear ! I have to put out the fire Kabsa, This was.. I thought this would be fried rice… But, Not same. Rice looks so different This Rice is long sense of middle ground between pasta noodles and rice. It was delicious. But It was a little bland to me And Lamb soup was… I didn’t know when I took a bite. When I ate meat and more soup, I thought.. “This is so delicious” I love meat.. I will come here often now. This is great too. I like juice I don’t like drink.. I like Coffee, Juice, Milk I like everything drinking except alcohol. I sometimes drink beer I think it’s better because I ate it outside. I made a new memory. If you eat like this, it’s $26 in dollars. By the way.. Arab food remains a good memory for me today. Arab juice~ Jamika juice. I like this I usually leave food because I eat a little. But I ate all of this. You should think “Yong really likes these food” That’s the end of today’s video. See you next video~~ Good bye~~

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