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Korean guy try Arabic coffee & snacks (Eng sub)

Korean guy try Arabic coffee & snacks (Eng sub)

Welcome back my channel~ This is Yong ! s ! worl ! Today, I will try Arab coffee & snack Can you see these? There are so many snacks I am already happy But I worry.. I don’t think I can eat at all Let’s eat ! Eating is the happiest! Hot! Hot Coffee color is yellow Normally, coffee is black. It’s amazing. I’ll try this I’ve had this before. It tastes not bad. It’s not that it’s delicious. Just, I can drink this. First, I will try this Luxury crum..cream fudge It’s Arabic.. It is difficult Okay I’ll try this I’ve never tasted this soft caramel before. These two combinations… Next, I will try this I don’t know what this is Oh… What? It’s got this. Wow.. It looks like.. This smell… Uh! This smell.. I don’t know this smell I think I’ll know after I eat. It is not my taste.. I can’t eat this anymore.. What should I say? Just.. I can’t eat this.. Sorry What… And, This Kit Kat? Kit kat tat? Kat kat tat? Oh, It looks delicious If you divide it in half like this, it’s got chocolate in
it. Delicious! Next is this. Safari, better taste Wow, it looks delicious just to look at it. Delicious It’s delicious, but it has a certain scent. Oh! I’m in trouble. I’m already full. This coffee goes well with the sweet things I see why you want me to eat something sweet and some
Arabian coffee. What should I try? Ritz! I won’t eat this because it’s in Korea too. I’m curious about this. I will try this. It’s called… 4 Caramel wafer biscuits.. I guess Arabs like caramel. There are many caramelized snacks. Made by… scotland..? It looks like.. It’s saying to me, “I’m so sweet.” It looks like this inside. It’s too sweet If you eat sweets, you should have Arabian coffee. I thought I was filming a coffee commercial, right? I usually like sweets. But it’s hard because I keep eating sweets. Next time… This doesn’t look sweet I will try this. Sesame snaps It’s sesame seeds here. (I didn’t know ‘Sesame’) So delicious! This is a savory taste. It tastes like Korean traditional snacks. I’m really curious about this. What’s this? It looks very unique. Chocolate Wafer.. It’s all melted. My hands are going to get really dirty. It looks like this when I peel it. Chocolate is always right. My hands are dirty. I’ll wash my hands. I am happy to eat But it’s hard to eat a lot. Next turn, This! Halley ULKER chocolate What? Again Choco? I think I’ve had it somewhere. It tastes similar to Korea’s “Chocopie” Do you know this? I should drink Arabia coffee Next is this. It looks like chocolate. I’m full, so I’ll just try one. Choco’s leaking out. This is now saying, “Eat me quickly, eat me quickly.” I washed my hands, and it’s gonna get dirty again. It looks like this. It’s too sweet But delicious! There’s a peanut in here This is a very savory taste. This is sold in Korea. it is not because i am full. I already know the taste of this. It is also sold in Korea. It’s really sold in Korea, right? Right? This! This cookie will taste very savory. I think it’ll be great to eat now. It looks like this. BADRAH, It says BADRAH Is this snack name? It is so delicious ! What is this?? Is this jelly? Very thin. It’s melted. But.. You’ve had a hard time coming all the way. I’ll eat you deliciously. Wow.. If you take a bite of this, a cup of coffee, Goooood It’s the same color as my clothes. So I’m sorry. I can’t eat anymore. It’s not because I’m full. This is the same color as me, but This will be sad when I
eat at all of this Next is…. This ULKER! It’s the same name as before. Let’s read this. Right? There’s chocolate inside, too. and sweet too. I can do it! Wow! Finally, it’s the last time! There’s only one left. I’m so sad.. Caramel~ It’s amazing how you look! This.. It looks like mealworm stuck to a chocolate bar. This tastes like coconut. Very delicious Delicious! Eating a lot of sweets is not good for your health. I hope you eat it while controlling it. I’m done! I think I ate all the sweet things to eat for a month at
once. Today’s Best.. I think this is today’s best This was…. wow.. I think almost Korean can’t eat this The scent is so exotic. I can eat everything, but that’s…I can’t… What I felt today… Regardless of nationality, everyone likes sweets the same. Chocolate is a universal language. I ate snacks that I usually couldn’t eat. Today was very special. I don’t have to eat sweets for two months. Thank you for watching my video!~ See you next time! Goodbye~~~~ Do you remember that cookie that you said wasn’t good? I’ll feed him. I wonder if Koreans can eat this snack! You should say hello Oh.. It looks delicious Let’s smell it! It smells like snacks in our country. Oh wait. It’s different from what I ate. Really? / Yeah Ok, I will try this I like it. It tastes like Korea traditional snack What I ate earlier was weird. I’ve tried this. It’s okay. I found the snack I had earlier in the trash bag. Mong, Let’s try this. I hate!!! Try this / No!!! Why do I eat garbage?

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