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Korean guy speak in Arabic Challenge!

Korean guy speak in Arabic Challenge!

[Music] hello guys welcome back to about Kim’s Tanner and I am doubt Kim and she don’t listen that I invite you is today’s topic is longing Arabic Arabic challenge and she can use how to be right yes okay so she will teach me some Arabic language and after that I will use the Arabic language then I will call your friend okay yes my best friend she’s also youtuber that’s just very famous it to her I only need to learn how to say hello I said I’m Ali walaikum asalam alikum assalam alaikum assalam I already know you already know that it’s easy they’re like Pakistan and Malaysia that almost Arabic countries and I almost Islamic contestants are like them that’s interesting okay so I think I want to say nice to meet you I just love to do more poverty be mcculloch Mucca Mucca cheeky politic Belichick they mock up in the case of a mocha political yes so slowly beemo beemo Belichick ability be mobility chemo couple up yeah again oh the sidewalk so there’s no cabinet has a lot to demo capella Turkey yes right yes right that’s really difficult you can remember it has a lot o PM Olaf’s technological Otto be mocha poletik maybe you can wonder that we wear the same shirt and your elaborate head it’s because we made some we made some real oak Fortunato that’s why so if you are curious then check her YouTube channel ok ok hello I love Korea Oh do you love Korea too of course other than how to say how are you caifa hi dokie okay okay okay okay I know how to say I am fine in you and Anna Bihari what aunty – aunty yes wanna be high one D Anna Anna Anna be higher Bihari what Angie I’m not behind bars – I’m not behind I want to do introduction so how to say my name is talky Anna it’s me down it’s easy Anna is me talking honestly about Kim what’s your name ma hua is smoking ma ma voice mokey it’s me hazard oh ha like if you ask me then you have to say ma hua is mu yes rights like different key oh yes mama is smoky you must you must ask me like that when I ask you like my a smoker a smoker it smoky yes yes it’s a really big Pakistani Oh interesting okay then next is I am from Korea and I mean Korean UNAM in Korea a not mean Korea I don’t mean Korea please mean Korea he is me Korea English Arabic English English Arabic mixed very fun mean Anna and me Anna aunty ji ji ji ji ji mean aina Antipa mean a 90 and I mean my Moroccan Arabic Margaret time right is time so I only say I am Muslim anomaly anomaly or the hottest okay a new 21 t are not Muslim warranty and I know mostly so up to say how old are you okay okay come from what’ll keep already anyways you listen hard to say I am 27 um buddy Omari Sabbagh Safa why is shitty you know why sadena Sanna Sanna omadi saba why’s she veena son what’s your job ma who are ma ma voix I’m out of Mohammed Mohammed okay I mean and then you do Verizon tech are you two are tenor very cool what’s your content you see my contents like daily life fashion makeup fashion fashion interesting I do many other big cars are very curious about Korean my cosmic dance makeup fashion ha yeah k-pop and they love kpop so I I love Korea I think so Korea booyah I like coffee and I are now oviya broke our another people color okay so hard to say what do you like my discipline mother to hit beans mother to hit him mother to help in trauma trauma or much another Korea Korean drama what’s your favorite toy my favorite dama is like before flower everyone bye yes I don’t know why but every foreigners started Korea which that is right this is my first everyone start with the tone every foreigners my interview today their first drama is the police flower how to say see you okay Araki huge it didn’t Rakeem attend to them hockey was it today hockey Mozart and Arakawa dead Iraqi Mata Tata are accommodated on thank you shukran shukran shukran Korean spice chicken and your America a fun fun okay shukran a fun I have to say I love you hey boogie woogie 4head BuChE BuChE BuChE BuChE oh yeah you love your subscriber is people subscribe oh he pooped Amy I’m sorry as if as if I didn’t ask you I see well you are next is lust I’m hungry I know yeah I’m a jolly yeah yeah I’m not I hear yes yeah yeah yeah I’m a job Chris aforethought not hard to say mom mom dad mom dad oh mama mama oh me oh me [Laughter] it’s really hot I mean Korea mean I wanna auntie Margaret nice to Omari Sabha why Salinas Anna come home Rocky oh you are younger than me Anna youtuber Oh mahi wa Buena toki o youtuber I saw you Archana subscribe our channel power mother Tina [Applause] oh he booked milk I live live okay thank you Araki matzo Lama thank you so much what are you did good next time I will feel better I have to learn Arabic more because for Muslims learning Arabic is also important I will try my best you can do it I can do it sir class take care and be safe and let’s meet another contest next time soon [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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