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Korean guy Challenging 10 Hardest Arabic words to pronounce

Korean guy Challenging 10 Hardest Arabic words to pronounce

Welcome back my channel. This is Yongsworl… Today’s clip topic’s is.. Today… I should study English more Today theme is Top 10 Hardest Arabic Words I am studying Arabic these days. There were some words that really difficult to pronounce Ok, Let’s Go ! This is easy This is easy I think I was a pervert. I know this words … Between “C” and “KK” Ex) Ginger tea, spicy ginger I don’t like this It’s a little easy I wanna say this sentance. But, It is possible Envelope? What is Envelope? It sounds like English “The” I think I can say this sentance It is so difficult I get a skill Perfect This word has “Ghayn” Easy I can’t say this word Pass It is easy I know Man is “Rajul” Right? This is really hard Last, What? There are so many difficult words to pronounce in Arabic But, It’s okay. I am studying Sooooo difficult. But It’s okay I thought Korean is very difficult. But, Arabic is more difficult than Korean You Arabs ! So genius ! ( I said I studied Arabic, so I have to say something ) Thank you for watching my video See you next time!

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