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Korean Calligraphy by Mong Ji | Inspire Me Korea Interview

Korean Calligraphy by Mong Ji | Inspire Me Korea Interview

Hello, my name is Mong Ji! As you can see here, these are items I have made. I combine masking tape and calligraphy using phrases related to emotions. Which is also called ‘Emotion Handwriting’. The reason why I decided to combine masking tape and calligraphy, Is that I’m not good at painting, but I really like decorating. If you’re a girl, I guess you must have one or two masking tapes at home By using masking tape, I thought I can cover my bad points. Since I started working with masking tape, I found it very interesting Then I found more colour combinations and patterns. Last year in the winter, I had a stall at Hongdae Free Market and after that I decided to develop it more and progress my work. These days, mainly selling in Hongdae Free Market, I used to sell my products at Myeongryang Market in Myeongdong I never consider how much time it takes. If I have to say, if it doesn’t take a long time to think of an idea, it would take less than 15 minutes. If it is a big piece of art work, or if it requires a lot of thought, it may need a few days. I used to have a job, but after working a couple of years, I found it really boring. I started learning calligraphy. I didn’t want it to stop as a hobby. I wanted to try something new and make my own art work. As you know, my artwork combines masking tape with calligraphy, so if I have a chance, I want to work on projects with other artists to make something new. But, I want to find my own direction by gaining more experience and keep learning through trial and error. As you can see, this is the bookmark I made and it will be in this box package. I hope you like it, thank you!

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