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Know Abacus – Soroban – Learn/Lesson – App

Know Abacus – Soroban – Learn/Lesson – App

Hi, today you will learn how to use Abacus
with an App called “Know Abacus” This app is simple, fun, and will introduce
you to Abacus step by step. Each set of lessons, has as its first item tutorial that introduces you to new operations. You can follow the exercises, review exercise, and practice random exercises. With random exercises, you can play with infinite number of exercises. Let try one of direct addition/subtraction lessons. You can reset abacus to the zero position by sweeping your finger across the center
beam or by clicking the reset button at the top
of the abacus. I would recommend that you use this app in
a tablet or large screen phone. You can use it in small screen, but it will
be a bit hard to click on reset button. In Setting menu, you can turn the sound on
or off and also turn on or off several features.
Display bead directions is a great feature for beginners it really shows you step by step how to do a calculation. You can change the language of the app to English, Thai, France, Spanish, and Turkish. Please rate us 5 stars on Store if you love this app. Or Email us if you have comments or suggestion. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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