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Kids Try To Write in Cursive

Kids Try To Write in Cursive

(upbeat music) (laughing) – It’s a joke. Right? (sighing) – I have it good but– – It takes forever! – I would rather be locked up in a cage with anacondas for an hour. – I’m worried that I might not
remember the capital letters. – Capital letters. – Aren’t you supposed to do it all in one? I’m not doing that. – Yeah. – Yeah. Sure. Give it a whirl. (drum roll)
– [Speaker] Hello. – The H should be the easiest. – I don’t know the letters of cursive. Now I’m just making like bubble letters. – This is probably a level one. It was pretty easy. – This looks like the illuminati! – I think it looks weird. – Bye. (drum roll)
– [Kids] Foxes! – Okay. Ah! (exhaling) – I love foxes. Give me motivation. – This already looks pretty bad. – Is it like that? – I’m just gonna try to make fancy print. – The X’ll — Oo. That looks gorgeous. – Okay. Here’s my results! (laughing) – It’s like a little. It’s like someone saying,
“Stop making me do cursive”! (drum roll)
– [Speaker 2] I love pizza. Well. It’s totally the opposite but — Yeah. I can make it a sentence. – Is that an I? (laughing) – Pretty! – Okay. That one was definitely bad. – Here’s my results! (laughing) I, supposed to be capital. And I should probably add a sad face. (laughing) – ‘Cause — – No. I think it’s a
waste of time in school. – When you’re writing a
letter to the president or someone like that. They probably would prefer cursive. So I think it’s really
important for you teachers to teach your kids how to do cursive. – I’m so gonna just use
my normal handwriting. I don’t want to use cursive
in the future ever again. – It’s creepy. Okay cursive. No! This is horrible.

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